Immigration reform equals the United States of Entitlement

Immigration reform equals the United States of Entitlement

immigration_041013gn_0Speaker John Boehner’s announcement on Thursday that President Obama may be too untrustworthy for Republicans to pass immigration legislation is worrying supporters of reform, some of whom fear it’s a prelude to abandoning the issue altogether.

“Let’s be honest, it’s not about the president’s trustworthiness,” Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, told reporters in a press call on Friday. “It’s about how right now there seems to be insufficient support in the Republican caucus for immigration reform as outlined in the principles.”

Well now Mr. Sharry let us not decouple the issue at hand with those who are deciding, in other words, the House of Representatives. Placing blame on either party is doing nothing but getting further from the issue, which is something none of us wants to see.

However, as soon as Speaker Boehner first brought up his inability to trust President Obama (approximately October 2013) we believe – based only on Mr. Obama’s record – that we are also unable to trust the President.

Obama, for his part, praised House Republicans for moving forward on immigration this month and has said he is willing to accept their demands that legislation be broken into a series of smaller parts.

Just when you think that things may be straightening out, then chimes in Obama with this notion:

But he also hinted this week that he might consider further executive action, perhaps even expanding an existing White House order deferring deportations for young undocumented immigrants, if Congress fails to act.

The term “path to citizenship” has entered into the lexicon of immigration reform even though it is a misnomer. In reality, the issue is whether unauthorized immigrants will be granted the ability to achieve lawful permanent residence, also known as a “green card.”

That status would allow individuals to stay in the United States permanently (barring committing certain criminal offenses) and, typically after 5 years (if they choose) to apply for citizenship (and receive it if they meet the standards).



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