What is America doing wrong? Sharpton, Obama, Pelosi, and Holder for starters

We the peopleWhat is America doing wrong? Sharpton, Obama, Pelosi, and Holder for starters

Have you ever found it amazing when “talking heads,” or news commentators, even pundits go into massive gun-control tirades and the like when unfortunate children, or kids, are in the wrong place at the wrong time? As for our little staff and me here at The Contemplative Thinker feel we know a great deal about what is going on in America.

Anytime there appears on television a whining Attorney General Eric Holder gripping about what or even how he is spoken to then that is a problem. It seems as though the United States has run its course on the Ike’s, John Kennedy’s, even Richard Nixon’s of the world. Ah c’mon, you remember those people who may have done something incorrectly (Bay of Pigs incident, Watergate, hell even Ike’s “Operation Wetback” program). However when the heat came down on all of these people – all three presidents mind you – they did not lie, misspeak, pad or forge numbers, or even say that the IRS had not even committed a “smidgen” of wrong doing.

Nope! Nothing at all like what happens today. Today’s government (in their own minds) is immune to criticism, cannot possibly do anything wrong such as drawing red lines in the sand and subsequently moving the line until someone comes in and bails out the clichéd threat like Russia’s Putin.

One of the easiest ways to spot what is going wrong in America is simply look at what the alleged leadership has done, examine your rights to various factions and just whatever else is going on. Allow me to provide a few examples:

Has a President ever been able to FIX a law, then after the fact of the law’s enactment that same President is allowed to in access of 35 times change some rudimentary aspect of an enacted law? Hint; think about addendums, referendums, and even amendments.

Since when has any individual – the POTUS in this case – ever imagined the right to grant amnesty to approximately 25 million or so people who “lovingly” entered the Nation illegally. Stay with me through this paragraph. Now this same principle-in-chief is going to extend the amount on the Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) time for certification. This clown-in-chief who is masquerading around as the head honcho cares more about ObamaCare than our men and women in Afghanistan.

This of course brings me to this question. Since the Obama regime gained power in 2008-09 which one of these ridiculous debacles has cost the U.S.A. more in green backs as well as lives? Now just for the sake of an even keel now, why not bring up the massive amount of time that has been wasted in regards to Fast & Furious, the Benghazi load of excrement, and what do they have planned for sanctions against the IRS?

We contend that as long as no single person in authority or any group thereof will ever inform the president, U.S. Attorney General, as well as chastising one Al Sharpton because he lies more. Don’t want to be accused of racism here folks – even though this article doesn’t contain one word that resembles race, who knows isn’t that notion being circulated these days?


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  1. tom mcnutt says:

    illegal ask Obama about his aunt


  2. thomlucci says:

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  3. thomlucci says:

    We the people are pissed off, Barry. And it has nothing to do with race, so put away your race card. We are pissed off at you, your wife, and all your black and Muslim brotherhood. You are so inept you aren’t even qualified to head a high school car wash.


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