Other uses for the Bible in Public Schools..?

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We would like to make a very relevant coursework assessment as our empirical observations as well as research has shown us. There has been so much to say about Common Core curriculum that it is just alike or the same with every other “change” that is made in everything.

Speaking of such, I got so excited the other evening whilst watching some late night television. Imagine this dialog in a comedy: “Do you know what people from all over the world hate more than anything else?” No…no not really; what is the consensus with the people around the world and what they fall victim to almost every year. Here it comes – CHANGES.

As far as Common Core is out and in most areas being diligently used, we find that professional research be conducted to show just how the program is going. It is of no surprise to anyone regular to this website should be “Passing Go” and receiving their $200 provided that they at the very least know something about my exploits professionally.

As quick and as slight as I possibly can, I became a trading partner at the Chicago Commodities Exchange Commission at an extremely young age. It was somewhere between the Army experience and my very first apartment so I would guess somewhere near twenty-one years of age. However, for my own clients as well as me we all did extraordinary.

BibleWorks9-recursos-2 - CopyThis exposure to the commodities markets unleashed something in me insofar as relating the Wolf of Wall Street was not too difficult for me to understand. Mind you, only the outrageously good and prosperous times inasmuch as I still have not seen the film – therefore one must be careful indeed.

Everything that I could remember – with the exception of one issue – just up and changed about me. Let us see here, my first visit to the Academy Awards, first invitation to the Prime Minister’s home, won in my first international grand master championship in backgammon, damn near almost got married, whew that was a close one!

Needless to say my life was an unforgettable series of changes that could have floored just about anyone. One day whilst sitting at my home I received a phone call from the Social Affairs Office asking if I would be available for a meet and greet for I do not remember what team it was or sport they played basically, nothing, about what was going on. I did not care much for the President then…so I thanked the officer very much and said goodbye.

I mentioned earlier that there was one aspect about my life that did not change, actually I had no reason to let anything I could or would do here ever assault or bring trouble in the biggest mental health, physical, emotional, loving, caring, straight up man I would ever aspire to be. And that was my relationship with God through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Furthermore I know I have written some literature on this site that deals with how the earliest schools, teachers and students, used the Bible as their very first textbook. I vividly remember in college how that fact became known to me.

images (10) - Copy So tonight on Fox News O’Reilly said that one could not teach the history of the United States without discussing Judeo-Christian tradition and the impact it had on the Framers. This has been a premise of mine for years especially with the culture wars, being experienced by everyone alive who cared about the formula of the Federalist Papers, U.S. Constitution, our latest culture of corruption that is not letting up, And worse still a group of law enforcement personnel who daily feel a sense of betrayal on the one hand and on the other different members of LE who seem to want to assign everything not going their way to…Racism.

Now, for the first time ever, the American Heritage Education Foundation presents a new book that explores the correlation between America’s philosophical origins and the Bible Miracle of America shows how the Bible and Judeo-Christian thought are arguably the nation’s most significant foundational root and its enduring source of strength. Professional educators and historians have praised Miracle of America as the first-ever systematic analysis of the relationship between key American political principles and Judeo-Christian ideas.

O’Reilly asked Krauthammer why schools are not teaching about religion, if that is the case. “Well because we’re not teaching anything,” Krauthammer said. “We’re not teaching the Civil War, we’re not teaching who the founders are, we’re not explaining anything. I’ve looked at the AP exams that my son had to write in high school, there are whole gaps in the history.”

There is far, so far more information processing teachable facts that are listed in the Bible to include the Mayflower Compact, and a whole list of miraculous thinks that occurred with the Founder’s and I look so forward to discussing them with you here.


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