Waiting to Happen…The Founders

4429_StrengthThere exist several studies today that clearly support the factual basis that Americans today are quite ignorant about the principles and ideas that have shaped our nation. As a result of this non-teaching; moreover, the unlawful teaching of religion, or even most types of theology, we believe that what has gotten a terrible wrap as the result of humankind’s ego is none other than the Bible.

Please bear with me for I am not coming from any secular interest group, or God forbid, certainly not any one of the new Christian mall-store church, or any such notion. The issue with the writing today is factual based primarily on the studies conducted by the Inter Scholastic Institute (see results of a random Citizenship Test given to everyone by clicking here.)

Liberals, conservatives, independents, college graduates, some college, high school graduates, some high school and of course the racial lines have all endured how smart or dumb we all can be please see here. Pew, Gallup, and Rasmussen as well as several other big polling agencies have additional polls on standards of living, as well as the ways which America was wrought civilly.

Therefore, there are statistical data that monitor principals and values that clearlystory illustrate that America is in a fragmented, unclear, and divided about what it is that our nation stands for and above all where our nation is headed.

first-amendmentWe believe that unless most (if not all) Americans learn and/or relearn or learn for the first time about America’s positive founding principles and values, the American idea will cease to exist. No American Dream simply because America will be out of existence. Gone…forever.

Even fewer Americas understand or agree that the United States has been founded on principles that can be directly found in the Bible. While I hear and understand the argument that America is not a Christian nation if for a simple enough reason that the Founders felt it was not up to a government to be involved in either the establishment or the freedom of worship aspects, they nonetheless documented those rules in the U.S. Constitution.

One cannot ascribe or coalesce to the American Standard without acknowledging that it was in fact Judeo-Christian thought and Biblical understanding that has set the tone by which everything American – manufacturing, production, work ethics, standards of behavior, the basic what and why things (such as people, freedom, liberty, and normal cell phone usage) in America are the way they are and that many of these value based principles are under severe attack.

Many world leaders (as well as our own) refer to America as a secular based society, yet the last time I checked it still says, “one Nation under God” on our currency. Lately many individuals are talking about the next print run of paper currency and what it is being discussed depresses me.

Face it our leadership in this nation lies. I remain unmotivated to called it misspoke, fabrication, or “little white lies” or any of the political correctness that goes along with those who condone the behavior.
By the work ethic and know how there are a very few organizations such as Judicial Watch that do things the proper way and somehow are recipients of email traffic from Lois Lerner, the former IRS agent who plead the 5th Amendment (non-incrimination, self-protection) within a Congressional hearing and now we are finding out just how deep some of the lies have been. Lerner contacted the Justice department, who we are reasonably certain contacted the White House because she knew how seriously she was not aligned with her own moral principles.

lighted crossYep, I do believe that we should use the Bible as a text in school. It is the number one best-selling book of all time and that is based on the book being the best-seller year after year. I do believe that the Bible can and should be used in civics coursework as well as political science, humanities, some history disciplines to name a few.

Interesting and I have never really thought about this but…I did take a Comparative Religions course in high school where the Bible was used not as a learning device but far more as a teaching device. As an undergraduate I studied a great deal of Theology where books of other religious beliefs were used, and in graduate school I did have coursework that included the Bible.

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5 Responses to Waiting to Happen…The Founders

  1. Lech Dharma says:

    AMEN! (pun intended). More than any one thing, I believe that the promotion of amorality in this country is responsible for the overall decline of America—as a superpower—and American society. The Founders realized that their socio-political experiment of The People governing themselves would only work with a “moral society.”

    One aspect of a self-governing, moral society is that The People use social stigma and “shame” as tools to promote acceptable—and productive—social behavior. For decades, The Left in this country have been vilifying both of those tools; especially in educational settings. Our children are now taught to accept all manner of “self-expression” and “self-identity” as being equally normal and natural.


  2. thomlucci says:

    Reblogged this on Current Opinions of News and commented:
    It is appalling and deeply shameful American citizens know more about violent video games than they do about the history of their country.


  3. thomlucci says:

    I find it deeply depressing that the past two generations know more about cheats for Xbox games than they do about the history of their nation. Just what the hell are schools teaching or NOT teaching? There is no excuse for American citizens not knowing about the American Revolution, why there was one, and how the best nation in the history of mankind was formed after gaining independence from Great Britain. The younger generation should hang their heads in utter shame for benefiting from the freedoms and liberties, but not knowing how they came about and how many millions of Americans died to ensure those freedoms and liberties still exist today. I am a Disabled Veteran, and I am ashamed of young Americans today—well, not ALL of them, but a majority of them.


    • Jon-Paul says:


      Love your comments and responses! Your comments are very literal and it is just about having a conversation with you. Believe it or not, I feel very much about especially the last generation as you do; however, there is good scientific data now produced that does a lot of self-guilt vis-a-vie both preceding generations. I read recently where they are ashamed (and I agree with them) of their own behavior and conduct since they did vote in what they are suffering from now. Moreover, I think they see the handwriting that Obama could give a shee-it about them. I think that in the not to distant future the entire country will have serious remorse about this person’s presidency.

      In view of what you are espousing in your responses regarding the American Revolution, the entire process of the “Colonial Generation” and how little is known is extremely true. Amazingly, I found that Common Core has cut any and all funding for the teaching of social studies! In conclusion I look forward to the HUGE turn around in our young people but sadly, I do believe that Obama has hurt the African-American process of hope. It seems to most blacks that I know well, they feel pretty bad about what this nut is doing. Don’t be a stranger!


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