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writers toolsLately there sure seems to be a lot of isolated yet enormous coverage given in the areas of education. Reference is made by isolation is meant to say that one needs to look for the information. We have found in our daily searches of the largest and most prominent sources of the mainstream media that affirmative action’s recent visit to the US Supreme Court and with the Department of Education switching educational teaching, learning with Common Core now at 44 states, and climbing. Not much that has any grit whatsoever is reporting on these two milestones focusing on American education.

However, let us be certain to inform anyone or everyone, if one visits the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation website, they have done a yeoman’s effort digging deep into the education issue of Common Core. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and those who have worked relentlessly present Common Core in a very discernible way. Again everyone from educator to expert to citizen has a reason to be proud and we encourage everyone who has children at the minimum give a good look at the site.

In an attempt to ‘love my country and to do my absolute best for it’ the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling concerning affirmative action in our position was about as true and correct as most people have found it.

In a scant overview of the proceedings: apparently there were a couple of people or groups Supreme-Court1of people that were scorched finding that the University of Michigan was no longer involved with the policy of affirmative action. Therefore, they sued and sued again; whereupon they finally found themselves simply without any more courts to bring their grievance before they took the big leap and opted to have their cases heard by SCOTUS.

Now as for me this was not an easy, common sense matter involving religious liberties. No, it was much more like a 10th Amendment case about states’ rights. It was the legislative branch of Michigan who voted to end aid and assistance to people based on either an economic or race base need.

I can try and be as civil, respectable, and charitable as possible; however, there comes a point when the goodness of people or their government can or has reached its end. For affirmative action this process was at least ten years ago. I do believe in human nature now and I believe that there are and will continue to be individuals who use a particular system to an unbelievable end.

logo-foxnewsMoreover, the state of Michigan and the 43 odd states that have followed suit in getting rid of affirmative action one can either look at it as the people of Michigan have spoken. We believe that to continue it would be a clear violation of an individual’s 14th Amendment rights wherein, “If you treat a person of color in a different manner, that is a direct violation of the 14th Amendment,” he said from Bill O’Reilly’s talking points memo.

“The anti-poverty law—or the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, to use its official title—is primarily a Democratic campaign document and a vote-buying device. It is designed to give the impression that for the first time in our history the Federal government has become aware of the existence of poverty and is doing something about it. Actually we have been piling one “anti-poverty” program on top of another since the New Deal began 30 years ago.” (Portion of comment left by a reader…)

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