Some Rubbish that Needs to be cleaned up..!

Some Rubbish to clean up

KY-60-percent_400x400-300x300I would like to qualify the thesis of this writing and the title of this paper. First by “Rubbish” we mean no indication of humankind whatsoever. We need to quantify that in using the word “Rubbish” we actually mean the ad hoc executive orders, addendums, adding something to legislation that has already been passed and thereby someone forgot to put something in. Additionally, or by anyone’s account the proposed rubbish legislation needing something else put into it and literally tends to the task – this activity must stop before there is anymore rubbish executed.

Furthermore, why do we have a disunited Congress with battle going on between individual members? Just for the record we have always warned and given heavy warning to congressional officials about the “methods of madness” that various special interest groups are using.

Oh yes we do have some examples! I cannot believe we read this the other day during a brainstorming meeting:

Consider this quote from an individual who worked within the Reagan administration. “We knew it would not work before we left”…at and after meeting with President Reagan, Sec. of State Edwin Meese, and the person telling the story (Further reading).

Earlier today, twenty-two U.S. Senators called a new proposal from the Obama administration, “an astonishing disregard for the Constitution, the rule of law, and the rights of American citizens.” (It is almost unbearable.)
The senators were responding in an open letter to Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, after revelations that the Obama administration is writing new policies that will eliminate deportations for almost all illegal aliens. The Senators called this “near complete abandonment of basic immigration enforcement.”

And still further does it not seem a lot more calm and sensible thought to be thinking of getting these smaller not nearly as significant issues put out to the people in the form of domestic policy?

Here are five issues directly related to immigration; moreover, America’s future then the nonsensical thinking that is presently going on.
1: Enforcement pursuant to the rules that are currently on the books?
2: Chain migration through adult children of immigrants
3: Citizenship for anchor babies of illegal aliens
4: Put a stop to the endless use of executive orders that are produced at a not-so-healthy POTUS
5: Student visas over stays as well as Refugee fraud status.

As for the most of us we are sure that you would agree that trying to take an “ineffective immigration policy…” Barack Obama and rush to fix it prior to year’s end is just plain lunacy.

In fact, I would go as far as saying that unless these above discrepancies of the law are clearly on the established route of being done the proper way, I am sorely afraid that many of my individual choices for this forthcoming midterm election will have to be considered and changed.


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