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judicialwatch-3Just want to credit where overwhelming credit goes. Subsequently to that we will lead this afternoon with some real checks with our governmental employees, who have somehow forgotten who it is that they work for. Hopefully this will serve as a derogatory open letter to this person’s advisory board – if indeed any such panel, commission, or thoughtful President will put an end to the nastiness and vile that flows endlessly from this creature’s mouth.

The incident of which I write involves Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary and the ill-mannered way that he talks to the press and media individuals who are in the tiny little briefing room for one purpose and that is to get and acquire information that concern the American people so that they can report on it.

We understand that within the Obama administration the willingness to answer direct questions or to maintain any type of transparency is a nonevent, or just a blatant lie. It is a very sad feeling that whenever one’s chief of state takes to the microphone there are fact checkers standing by the phones. About today’s ruckus:

During a rather routine address with the Press Corps, and Jay Carney many if not most of the questions we direct in nature asking what the administration felt about this Benghazi event or that Benghazi lie. Mr. Ed Henry a journalist for Fox News covering the White House asked a reasonably easy question of Jay Carney.

All of this new found energy and inertia directed about Benghazi Libya, literally has erupted because the House Committee on Ethics and Oversight lead by Darrel Issa (R-CA) were delivered several thousand new papers, emails, and other documents by one of the most astute firms in all of Washington D.C, the prestigious JUDICIAL WATCH. The people of JUDICIAL WATCH are a really hard working, nose pressed against the wall in search of the truth.

One of the specialties that the company provides is the roll up the sleeves, file suit in court utilizing our rule of law, through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and stay on it until one achieves the desired goal which in their case is the Obama administration and those often times when information requested by a chairman of any committee has not been delivered in a timely fashion. We have been flying their flag for years now and we believe all of our staff here are members.

If there is anyone who follows the news of this Nation’s capital the most recent gaggles that have come from the House Oversight Committee have been from none other than Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), the two I.C. who has been squabbling about how useless it was to be hunting and/or waiting on routine document flow from all agencies who’ve been requested and therefore sued to gain access too.

Back to Carney – on a routine direct question form Mr. Ed Henry about did anyone from the scene there in Benghazi happen to see and/or notice anything what so ever to do with a video tape?

Carney like the snakes and lizards he resembles, with chest puffed out retorts, “Okay Ed let me ask you what were they doing on the night in question in Cairo, Egypt. I personally fell over…

Mr. Henry did not attempt to put Jay Carney back into the tunnel from whence he came — 

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