120253-1440x900-godblessamerica2_lgCandidly, I have been waiting for the appropriate moment to write this post. Far be it from me however, this is far more than what in today’s world we call a post. The elements of society are the precepts that I learned – often times more often than not – these guidelines came to me as a much harder process than most; and yes, I did find out why.

Mind you there are many articles located within the archives of this site that deal with honesty, integrity, dignity, faith, reverence, temperance as well as what I call “family values.” The only reason that family values is used is because this is the apparent identification that we use today to attend to our moral responsibilities. Therefore, a sense of good ethics is proper, as is being decent, kind, and good-hearted.

Oh how I wish there was a magic formula that could easily describe the transmission of these traits as simple as how my 1st and 2nd grade teachers taught us the ease, which Columbus discovered America. This is where we take huge discoveries such as putting a man on the moon with less technology than children have today.

When one thinks about it – oh so much is taken for granted. The very light source we use at night is acolonial times classical example. If we were to ask any child say, what is the process of electric current for starters, we would experience manifold levels of guessing. Now again if we were to take the electrical current process and then ask where the light bulb did come from, and could you please explain how it works.

At some critical degree of thinking that actually happens during a reflectionary process for me, is where I am able to do some of my best thinking – period.

How then were we born and bred to assure conflict? To understand our nature and furthermore, to sustain it, we need to appreciate the lucky mix of accident and instruction that made us who we are. Here is a small expose on how we became who we are.

The fading of top-down authority –From early on in America’s history many of the concepts from the Old World began dying at a very fast rate. Prior to America being colonized by the British, King James I decreed that he ruled by divine right. Notwithstanding that the fact of the King committing it to writing was simple enough proof that his very empire was crumbling beneath his throne.

founders1As in politics, much the same was occurring in religion. In the late sixteenth century Martin Luther had loosed a war of theology, ideas, and blood in defiance of the Catholic Church. Interestingly, many of our Founders were in fact dissenters: initially Protestants dissenting from the Vatican. Moreover, Robert Browne an early dissenter wrote that the Church should be guided not by bishops but by “the voice of the whole people.” Our forefathers, mostly, had the habit of and even a theological need for disputation.

Even if…royalty and ecclesiastical authority had remained supreme simply because the wealth or “treasuries” of one time gold did not extend to the laity or fair people. An American could easily feel the weight of burden leaving from time to time and their inattention amounted to freedom to argue with local authority.

Prior to closing for this phase it should be marked that for about 180 years, the powers in London and for a time Amsterdam, paid relatively little attention to what was really going on in their rather obscure and distant American colonies.


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