How Americans are the way they are…

How Americans are the way they are…

scalesSo on we go wondering – if neither the pope nor the king had the power to explain the world including the rules, moreover who indeed was to rule it who was it that had these rights? America’s founding coincided with the dawn of an age in which leading men first began to suggest a shattering new answer to that question – the free mind and soul of Man.

Considering all things yet now with a printed Bible in one hand (written for the first time, in his local, native language) and a telescope or microscope in the other, humankind could understand the world and forge his own destiny rather than merely accept it.

This notion became the power source of humankind! The only disparity of course, is that humankind is the only animal known in today’s common place is the only animal who plans, develops, implement, and install a means for his own annihilation. It used to be in the “old days” that we would discuss the splitting of atoms with slight involvement of going nuclear. Now in the “new days” the topic is now chemical weapons and the use of straight acid. And yes, I believe there are a lot of sick people out there; unfortunately, many of them are heads of state that just cannot quite seem to get out this way until their hypocrisy. 

And what pre-tell did all of this add up too? Humankind believed that all understanding would require argument in the scientific sense. Any one nearing thirty years of age should know precisely bible and candlethe reasons for this scientific orthodoxy or method.A little irony, maybe, but far more a course of how humankind was developing. The dawn of this new era effectively was in 1620 ad the year the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock and Sir Francis Bacon first propounded the method of the scientific method which of course required close observation and open-minded experiment. As for me, I believe I am sounding like Dr. Masters but I think you will find my meaning.

Soon after John Milton proposed a new method of inquiry about God and Man – in free speech. In was this predominance in Western American thought where the Founding Fathers knew various passages of John Locke, Montesquieu, Adams, de Tocqueville, and above all The Bible by heart.


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