Is it Obama, his administration, maybe Political Correctness

Is it Obama, his administration, maybe Political Correctness

I am not altogether certain what is going on in American universities, yet I ought too. For a person who has given a life’s worth of energy, motivation, life-long learning, and especially instruction there is nothing that can stand up for the absolute rubbish put forth by Rutgers University and several others as well.

holding diplomaBy the time an individual reaches university level learning it appears that one, they are reckless and disregarding the truth that is set before them everyday – that each individual is unique and they bring with them stories of all sordid situations. Two it is incumbent upon those who are listening to do just that – listen. Three try to put on that full armor or even listen and hear actively – c’mon you remember, where compassion meets up with action.

To put it out plainly and as openly as I can, colleges today are so reminiscent of high schools, which are so reminiscent of middle school and notwithstanding reminiscent of elementary education and preschool not even wanting to go into Head Start.

There seemed to be a time when most students went to the University of their choosing as long as they could make the mustard so to speak. However, we have entered into a time where the real meanings of professorial conduct as well as the methodology used by professors to teach common everyday minutia to would be children is not only a waste of money, it also potentially carries with it the waste of a life.
My colleagues and associates are unrelenting, such as “Whenever democrats control the failed education system of our country they very much enjoy the role of an indoctrination center. In other words the real educational institutions are being likened to indoctrination – propaganda lies for the insubordinate.”

Admittedly this is a very rough and raw way to learn. However, there must be that significant other involvement before any learning can possibly take place. At a time when our Nation is toeing the line, treading to keep one’s head above water, what then academic freedom?

Rutgers University is now – in my mind – becoming the playground of total incivility. Please hear me171px-No_Political_Correctness out, during a time when they could have a real solid reason to celebrate – Condie Rice, first black woman ever to be chosen for the position of Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, a woman who had one of the most fouled up lives anyone could want. Then, studiously taking all of the rigors of a university education that somehow spirited her into the White House. Sure she has done more than Barack Obama has done; yet, she retired with a legacy and dignity that out shine most.

So excuse me…there will always be those, “this event is about me” and there is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong however is the manner in which the students unnecessarily protested with some faculty members? You are at the center of all the attention and success breeds’ success.  It was Condoleezza Rice who backed out first not wanting to offend anyone on “their” day. And finally a response written by a friend.

It’s bad enough that students have to listen to the obnoxious professors pontificate their personal biases rather than teach, but to choose to listen it another thing. From what I have heard, professors who are the best teachers are the ones who teach; teachers who are not effective are those who are teaching because they cannot do anything else so in their bitterness and incompetence they pontificate. It takes a while for the indoctrination to wear off, but the bright kids figure out that liberal policies for the most part damage the nation, diminish dreams, explode poverty, and discourage people. As I said it takes a while. Graduates who cling to the liberal biases are those students who stand to gain from policies that discourage our citizens – namely politically ambitious or politically well-connected. Liberal politics, I think, are what’s causing our students not to excel. Liberal leaders have nothing to gain personally from voters who are able to see through the smokescreens and lies and figure out for themselves such things as that the 60 year old war on poverty has actually increased the numbers of those in poverty in America. A sad commentary indeed.

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