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How Americans are the way they are…

antique-mapThis entire notion of why Americans are the way they are deserves a grandiose imagination, really a way of perceiving various events in the context of which these events occurred. In addition, to exploit, one has the imagination along these lines one must ask, “Is this a good thing, or is it a bad thing?”

Now for your imaginations – consider if you will what the original settlers or migrants or whoever may have colonized the land we refer to as North America. As for me I think that it was, or had to be, a hard and dirty life. Given the topography of the land and what else if anything was known the old “We are going to America” was said either in joy, or quite openly, very much resembling a death sentence.

Let us all use our heads here. For all anyone during that period of time say the 1550s until around1800 knew about America was that it was an island! Sure enough, understanding Americanism’s or the way Americans are the way they are simply consider that where most of them came from was an island, they had to take expansive journeys just to get here. Many loved ones were lost as well as everything people owned.

All of this traveling to a land that was in the midst of two vast oceans; moreover, it was these two vast oceans that separated America from the rest of the world. Then very slowly as people rushed south they spoke uncharacteristically about ships, oceans, lakes, fish, awesome sized crabs and did they ever have some fur on them. And unbelievably they also had fur for sale!

During this precise measure of time people from the south rushed north speaking and telling their tall stories of what again…water! Although many of these people had accents the spoke of oceans and white sandy beaches with gambling towns and one giant, maybe two enormous rivers that would flood people out of existence. These people also talked of different cultures. Some spoke of thieves that would attack other ships and loot them like crazy.


Exotic Cuisines

Then when all the women were taken either to another island paradise or to land, or stayed aboard with the others, who knows what kind of life she lived. Others traveling north spoke of grand cathedrals and a difference in animals.

Whilst passing the whiskey it was nothing to hear one proudly talking or slobbering about the very first establishment in this country that alleged something about a youth fountain whilst all the conversation long another person bragged about the people of the beach, music artists that congregated, and some of the finest cuisine known to humankind.“Hey send them Craw daddies this here a way would ya’ please?

Now if there was anything that everyone came to a consensus on it, was that a commitment was made not to share this island with any competing world powers. Americans have been resolute to prevent in the Western Hemisphere a replication of what was and had been happening since they all could remember – eternally warring and competing great powers of Europe.

The essential concept of America as an island explains virtually all of American history. It certainly explains why the American people completely turned their backs on Europe for the first century and a half of our independence in order to conquer and populate the most important and favored part of this island and as ugly as it was to eliminate any threat to it from any source.

This attitude explains why – although very weak, newly independent, and lightly populated – we laid out the Monroe Doctrine in 1823 to close off colonization or interference in the Western Hemisphere, thereby preventing any world power from challenging us on our island.


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