Baby steps or adolescence…maybe infancy..!

Baby steps or adolescence…maybe infancy..!

National TreasureWe saw early in our colonial  history that – because of our isolation from Europe and because of the immense wealth and bounty of our land – we had the opportunity to build the greatest, freest, and most prosperous nation ever to arise on the earth.

And knowing this fact, we also needed to build the most powerful military industrial complex ever known to humankind. We admittedly took the first century and a quarter of our independent existence in creating this great nation. Imaginations once again…say you have all rights, titles, and interests, to the largest steel making industries in the world.

In very short order here what the American’s of that time knew was that we had settled the richest land of gold, silver, coal, nickel, brass, as well as other – we’ll refer to them as incidentals for now – the making of cotton, wool, blankets, clothes, shoes, and ordinances that could easily quash an enemy combatant. But before all of this could be maximized America needed a way of protecting freedoms, to speak, be heard, petition, matters of the church and worship, in other words America needed a government.

And that my friends will be the topic of our series – the story of America’s march to economic, military, and political supremacy; moreover, the ideals that guided us that way.

Now it can be as short, boring, methodical, and lasszie faire, however, our desire is for this to be a very explanatory book as to why things are the way they are today.

Now before getting to off track here I made the necessary changes (edits) that needed changing Arlington-Cemetary-300x224 pursuant to our last offering toward this story. Please accept my humblest apologies for ever submitting a writing that was in that commotion. It was far too late and I was far too excited about the material to let it pass. So anyway a little conversation is in order based on How Americans are the way they are…Ready?

Anyway if one wanted to delve further back into the actual writing in the fourth paragraph after understanding that the people then all believed they were relocating to another expansive island. Those people rushing south were of course the French Canadian fur traders as well as being fish and other shellfish purveyors. These people were bringing the largest crab meat that Western Europeans had ever seen!

The next paragraph dealt with pirates insofar as these merchants were deadly and really could not care KS16866less. Taking the women to other islands with white sandy beaches could be anywhere in the Caribbean Sea. The others whilst passing the rum or whiskey were definitely of Spanish and French dissent. The Spanish were bellowing on about this “youth fountain” being the actual Fountain of Youth founded by Ponce de Leon and the other is describing the Caribbs – the native American “Indian side” who hailed from the beaches. The tall cathedrals were of course the French and Spanish dwellings in both Louisiana and Florida.

In lieu of the way our politicians are behaving, it was probably best that I tried to put some humor into it. That is because by the time we’re done with it, you’ll know exactly why Americans act the way they do.



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