This is a Preconceived Rhetorical Bashing

This is a Preconceived Rhetorical Bashing


Who Could Believe this person?

Who Could Believe this person?

At a meeting today with law enforcement organizations, President Obama made the case for comprehensive immigration reform by saying it is necessary “for our safety and security.” He also said there is a “narrow window” of two or three months to pass legislation in Congress before election season derails further efforts.

Obama told law enforcement officials, “Our broken immigration system makes it harder for our law enforcement agencies to do their job. Our system is not fair to workers, is not fair to businesses and is not fair to law enforcement agencies… We’re not hell bent on making sure that every letter of what’s in the Senate bill is exactly what ultimately lands on my desk for signature…We’ve got this narrow window. The closer we get to the midterm elections, the harder it is to get things done around here. We’ve got maybe a window…of two, three months to get the ball rolling in the House of Representatives.”

lighted crossHe urged police officials to join with evangelical Christians and business groups to pressure House Republicans. “People expect I’m going to be in favor of comprehensive immigration reform,” Obama said. “It’s more important to get over the hump when they hear from unexpected voices.”

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo told reporters the program and other policies are likely to be revised to target those who pose a true threat to public safety.

Taking no pleasure whatsoever in doing this, it is nonetheless incumbent upon me to show the president the error of his ways and how he continually speaks with a forked tongue placing blame on everyone except where the blame belongs – which is in his lap.

As a response to Mr. Obama’s speech or in this case what appears to be much more like Talking Points than any speech inasmuch as it gets harder and harder not to take some issue with his rubbish. All things being equal, one must remember that it was in fact President Obama who had assisted in these necessities “for our safety and security.” Someone sure needs to have a “come to Jesus” conversation with this blithering fool.

Please Mr. and Mrs. John Q. American listen up to the facts listed here: It was not you or I who originally pulled the Secure Communities also known as Section 287g of the US Codes (INS) no it was none other than Mr. Obama. Insofar as he literally blames the Department of Homeland Security, it nonetheless by his executive order that the Secure Communities were downsized. Short version of the story is that federal agents were to take the illegal immigration faction off of local police enforcement so that they could perform their duties rather than to be doing U.S. Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) duties.

Therefore in order to make his own personal deportation numbers look pleasing to the eyearizona_flag_state_outline and be impressive, Obama virtually took and shelved the program until he saw it fit to return to practice. The easiest reminder of these events were when US Attorney General Eric Holder was brought aboard ship to assist in the Arizona and California’s beleaguered charges of racial profiling.

And again where could one possibly go to see to it that a scandal, misunderstanding, or outright stall tactic be utilized other than the President himself. This leads my mind toward Mr. Charles Krauthammer when he stated on his Roundtable Show with George Will and on Bret Bair’s program Special Report. Mr. Krauthammer went on to explain that like every single scandal that the President finds himself party too it boils down to “Hey dude, that’s old news now so on with the new news.”

We see it as nothing more than putting pressure on the House to swallow up the meandering that the Senate has already done. And just to get the record and facts straight here, it would not surprise me if the evangelical Christians did not volunteer the information that was spread on the news three months ago stating that they wanted no part of anything to do with it insofar as the Biblical contents were being misrepresented.





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