He’s backkkkkk (Remember Ross Perot?)

He’s backkkkkk (Remember Ross Perot?)

51HygO6tecL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Sure is good to be back! Please accept my apologies, but for being computer- less and maintaining my athletically toned physic there came a time when I was not even able to write. Be that as it may, with a brand new system under my fingers and a clean bill of health from what seemed like a committee of doctors — yes medicine has indeed changed albeit it is up to you to decide if it is better or worse.

There are some potentially devastating matters on my mind that completely surround us here in the United States. My wish list seems to be getting higher and needing common sense protocols that seem all too easy to acquire.

I feel compelled to share this rabidly high emotion with you — more as your friend that writer. So here we go…President Barack Obama’s legacy will say nothing of him being the first African American to be voted to the highest level in this land, primarily because predicated upon his lack of performance and interestingly enough, his complete lack of accountability measures. These I am told will never get by the other distinguished African Americans that have built their own legacies throughout life.

Just thinking about what this individual had literally at his feet, within his very hands, and with every expert advisor one could heretofore possibly think of for assistance. It outrages me with a lot of humility thinking of men such as Dr. Ben Carson who I am sure did not have the advantages that Obama had during his life. Which of course brings me to someone like Dr. William (Bill) Cosby who growing up in South Philadelphia knew what having nothing meant, and through his God-given talents, parents, hard work earned his way through college, then earned his way through graduate school, then on to his doctorate which is no easy taskgiven how smart one is or any other bell and whistle.

As I sit and try to perceive the daunting tasks of what Robert Townsend, Spike Jones, Abdul Jabber, Mr.

Obama, worst thing since Slavery

Obama, worst thing since Slavery

Mohammed Ali, Robert Smalls, Beyonce, Nora Jones, Jessica Alba, and so many others have done with their lives when no one would ever doubt their own stories, they just diminish the president.

Even earlier today whist reading a captivatingly funny book, the author reminded his audience of why certain things demand on all of us a sense of commitment or allegiance to various issues. Furthermore, he believes, as I do, that having an allegiance to personal responsibility toward just about anything is what makes us different from most other people, nations, factions, and hedonists. I know that there is something in the right side bar of this page that says something about personal responsibility on green with gold writing by Milton Friedman.

We the peopleI truly believe that President Obama is one who sees a pathetic Nation in the United States. I believe furthermore that this man is hell bent on seeing to it that the U.S.A. fails in whatever way possible because of his disdain for it. Now with a slow drum roll one need only look at the ugly record of things said, videotaped lies produced, and the probable endings to many of these mounting and relentless scandals, that with the surfacing of one — say the IRS is undone only because of the pressure that the Benghazi hearings have escalated too, anyone remember those folks who are in Afghanistan now risking life and limb?

Oh my….oh fast we forget our Veterans! Accountability is to be accountable for, as well as to whom, it can be viewed as a liability for and to whom, obligation, responsibility, charge, could be a problem, burdensome, jinx, or responsibility for and to others. How so many people in varying levels of government could be just committing career suicide is reckless and why nothing happens to them is beyond me.


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