Of all the statements that one could use…

Of all the statements…


Why so 'Honorable"?

Why so ‘Honorable”?

Be on the alert! Politically Correct Police out in full force, and as history has taught us from so, so many times that once these watchdogs are out, nothing good will come of it, only a lot of harm is inflected upon those who otherwise would have the decorum to celebrate diversity as so many people are aspiring to do.

If one thinks about it – critically thinks – the list is endless and we are all part of the mess. Take Hillary Clinton for example when during a press conference emphatically explained what it was like for her in the Balkan countries. “We were running and hiding – behind cars, anywhere we could find – because you could hear the bullets whizzing by your head.”

Just like the rest of the world who keeps in touch with the daily news of potential presidents and the like, Mrs. Hillary Clinton thought maybe this unidentified act of bravery would go unchecked and unreported on. But let’s hear for the Fact Checkers!

But then for the other 30 odd people who were in the same party heard of what she was excitedly clamoring about the truth – even before Hillary Clinton – mentioned that she in fact had ‘misspoken’ the press and media were all over this bad speaking. Again as a fact it was not very long before Hillary Clinton retracted what she had said and then commenced to withdraw from the campaign of 2008.

We could all sit here as God and lambaste everyone who says anything – because like it or Hillarynot the rules, guidelines, policies, and especially the definition of what is politically correct are as flighty as the wind during an early spring storm.

Unfortunately for many of us the wrong people are saying the wrong thing almost daily. Why is this happening? Simply because it is these people public figures – Presidents, Members of Congress, Secretary’s of various branches of government, leaders of industry, and let’s face it – there are those public figures who spout bedlam as if it were war; moreover these individuals want money in order for them to drop their lawsuits.

President’s Obama, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, and Nixon, Johnson, as well as Kennedy have misspoke. So have Senator’s Harry Reid, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Orin Hatch, Ted Kennedy, as well as Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer.

One of the issues that we continuously bring to the forefront is the notion I heard again two days ago. “America has lost its soul.” This one comment comes after the news has covered Secretary John Kerry bundle of apartheid, and then the most egregious of late, Mr. Donald Sterling.

130px-No_Political_CorrectnessAmerica needs to learn something right now, so listen up! Since when does the mind-set that believes offending someone is worse than speaking the truth. We believe that every human being alive should take real stock in what I just typed. Especially in our Nations capital, Washington D.C. Lead by President Barack Obama (which somehow makes distortion of facts and lying — acceptable for those who will not take attribution for anything that they have done.

There can be no mistaking truth, justice, and the American way: To understand that something has happened in one of your departments, say such as the Veterans Administration, IRS, Immigration policy without our legislators involvement, and of course the Benghazi killings with the accompanying lies and mistruths — should not only cost the person in charge their jobs, but knowing that they are wrong during the planning phases sure seems to me as though these people should be on the criminal blotter as well.





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