Hard Choices says Hillary Clinton

hillary_internIt is getting exceedingly difficult to write about Hillary Clinton, inasmuch as she is the one person who lies or misspeaks more than Barack Obama. Here is a little something that caught my eye and I have tried to shake it all day but no matter how hard I try I just cannot seem to separate myself from this monster.

Hillary Clinton writes in a new book that she is “proud” of what she accomplished as secretary of state. Now admittedly I have not read this book; but does anything leap out at you as for what she had done?

Clinton’s book, Hard Choices, comes out June 10, as speculation grows about her potential run for president in 2016. And this is where my fingers get really shaky. Sorry it is something I cannot seem to avoid when I write about soothsayers and the like.

In the author’s note, released Tuesday, Clinton acknowledges she wishes she could “go back and revisit certain choices” from her time as the United States’ top diplomat. Hum, wonder what those could be?

But she says the government “needed to do better” after the 2001 terrorist attacks, the IraqHillary and Afghan wars and the economic recession, and she believes it did. Furthermore, I find it very interesting that anyone could say that who has had zero input to the entire scenario up to a decade and a half later.

Critics have characterized Clinton’s four years at the State Department as lacking major achievements. Republicans have also questioned her handling of the September 11, 2012, terrorist attack that killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans in the Libyan city of Benghazi.

The former Democratic U.S. senator and first lady says she wrote Hard Choices, which focuses on her time at the State Department, for “Americans and people everywhere who are trying to make sense of this rapidly changing world” and for “anyone anywhere who wonders whether the United States still has what it takes to lead.”

That is really up to those who make the inquiry to her — directly. Seems to me the entire notion of her latest release is a “feel good about yourself” or “I am Okay and You’re Okay” type of warm and fuzzy feel good book.

Why so 'Honorable"?

Why so ‘Honorable”?

Clinton says for her, “the answer is a resounding ‘Yes.'” She writes, “Talk of America’s decline has become commonplace, but my faith in our future has never been greater. While there are few problems in today’s world that the United States can solve alone, there are even fewer that can be solved without the United States.”

The former Democratic U.S. Senator and first lady is the one person who has held such magnificently high positions at the helm of a government without one once of any education or experience that put her there. Could any self-respecting, intelligent, and professional person be the First Lady? I believe so. Hillary Clinton has proved that anyone could be a U.S. Senator or learn on the job. Dealing and or negotiating with other heads of state appears to us as an oxymoron with Clinton.


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2 Responses to Hard Choices says Hillary Clinton

  1. TUsahi says:

    “Hard Choices” is an excellent title for a book written by someone who has had a career filled with making the right decisions in tough times. I am hopeful that this tremendously accomplished individual will occupy the White House in 2016. I am ordering both the hardcopy and the audible version of what I am sure will be a memorable book about a very interesting political life. It will be a pleasure to talk about America having a Madame President in a few years.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      Well Hello back at ya’!

      I too look very, very forward to experiencing a Madame President; however, just not Hillary Clinton. Please assist me please albeit on our response line or by private email if you wish, but what has this “tremendously accomplished individual” done in her own unabated or unassisted political career? Also what choice has this person made that qualified it as Hard? I certainly am not trying to harass you in any way. I am trying to gain knowledge — especially from an international perspective from a qualified person such as yourself.


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