GEEZ, What an Inspiration..!

12392005005994856592 (1)It was difficult today because rarely, if ever, do I ever allow the President of the United States (POTUS), Barack Obama into my home and only on occasion is he allowed in our offices.

However seeing that today the lowly and humble Mr. Obama was giving a commencement speech in front of and too the graduating cadets we decided to leave the television on to at least listen to his speech.

And quite openly we are not altogether certain it was a good and/or correct idea to do so. What I learned today is that the POTUS was not prepared, completely out of his element, and experiencing a unique phenomenon often referred to as “non-communication,” which is exactly what it says, Obama was not communicating with anyone.

Charles Krauthammer tonight weighed in on President Barack Obama’s West Point address.

“I think his speech was literally pointless,” Krauthammer said, calling it “an answer to the course of criticism” on Obama’s foreign policy.

Krauthammer pointed out that the West Point address was a graduation speech intendedgo with cover to inspire, not answer criticism.
Of Obama’s foreign policy, he said, “I don’t know anybody who believes that when a cancer metastasizes, you’re better off.

I don’t think anybody thinks, as he was saying, that America stood tough on Ukraine and […] isolated Russia. Russia just completed the biggest energy deal in the history of the galaxy with China that’s gonna supply it with a customer for 30 years. This is isolation?”

Krauthammer noted that Obama didn’t even mention that Russia swallowed Crimea. “He looks around the world and he sees what he wants to see, and I think that’s alarming.” “The speech, I would grade like the policy: C minus,” Krauthammer concluded.

I rarely disagree with Dr. Krauthammer, and this time my only noticeably different take was that he was not rough enough. However, I do suppose one would not want to completely demolish a sitting president in lieu of graduating cadets.


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