Planning to Concede the Southern Border…

Planning to Concede the Southern Border…

imagesIn late 2013, when Speaker John Boehner hired path-to-citizenship veteran Rebecca Tallent as a senior staffer, it indicated an imminent immigration reform push from the GOP. Republican leadership seems to be gravitating toward granting unauthorized immigrants provisional legal status, giving them the right to work and live in the U.S. and eventually apply for a green card.

Okay this openly happened in 2013. It would seem his type of GOP thinking was certainly before the prized “GOP Immigration Principals” as those hit the open press just after the GOP Cambridge Maryland Resort Conference in 2014. Our question is simply why?

There’s been speculation that Republicans fear Democrats will use the immigration issue in the 2014 midterm elections, when anything that takes the immigration issue off the table will be considered a “win” for the democrats. The deeper issue among conservatives is how immigration reform might interact with the welfare state. Some fear today’s immigrants will become as dependent on America’s social programs as they have in the past.

However why do some fear today’s immigrants will become as dependent on America’s social programs as they have in the past. Answer: Nothing, not one thing has shown otherwise; in fact, with the current amount of illegal’s living in America or in border towns the cost of receiving anything from the welfare state is really nothing.

Immigration skeptics point out that in earlier eras, the U.S. didn’t have an expansive welfare state assisting less-skilled people to lead decent lives. Many early immigrants eventually returned to their native countries after receiving no assistance.

The current concern is that granting legal status to unauthorized immigrants gives morefed-food-stamp than a right to live and work in the U.S.; it’s also about green cards and citizenship that will lead to access of the full complement of benefits that assists disadvantaged Americans in climbing up to middle class. Critics cringe at the anticipated cost of food stamps, earned-income tax credits and other benefits of full citizenship.

I have openly admitted in writing that it is my belief that the current administration is working toward an exoneration of the southern border. The particular reasons why I support this assertion is that look at what the government does to those who are not supposed to be here without proper paperwork.

Earlier I have written about the situation where so many illegal immigrants were successfully gaining entrance into the U.S. that the government was responsible for issuing these people stipends (or cash) for hotel arrangements, transportation costs, any and all costs for medical or health services, and let us make sure that new directives for ICE and BP agents not to give chase or certainly not to apprehend those who intentionally tried to gain access to America the more difficult way. (Please see the article dated May 16, 2014 or click here.)

We all should be concerned with this ever changing language of just what is our United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers and their bosses are supposed to be doing insofar as there have been at least nothing shy of three different attempts at rewriting their job descriptions. (Please see article written May 13, 2014 or simply click here.)

Life at the lower levels of U.S. income distribution is preferable to life at the middle or top in many poorer countries. In light of the flood of hard-working foreigners eager to settle in the U.S., it’s not obvious that the U.S. immigration policy shouldn’t favor those who are likely to thrive in America. These immigrants will pay higher taxes than those who earn lower incomes, adding more to social programs for all Americans.

snapAnd therefore given the information that was published on this very blog that on Memorial Day the state of Texas had serious problems with those coming over the border that some kind of “Operation Move Em’ Out” occurred with the physical transport of individuals from Texas to Tucson, AZ.

Our question remains as it did in the very beginning: What is the shorter route, Texas to Tucson, AZ, or Texas back to Mexico? Other than completely unanswered scandals involving the IRS, our Veterans, the constant leaking from the White House of classified information, the NSA scandal, all with one particular person in the middle — President Barack Obama — and for simplicity, however not ever underestimating Judicial Watch, who broke the truth about Benghazi, Libya, as well as ICE and the Border Patrol can anyone name any group of presidents that have unceasingly created more problems than they have solved?

By conceding, abandoning, or relinquishing our control of the southern border of the U.S. thereby opening it up for any and all who wish to enter the U.S. I argue that the sovereignty of the Nation is lost.


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