Is it time to shout…”Order in the Court!”

Is it time to shout… “Order in the Court!”

Once there was a reasonably popular saying that went something like this: “Life, liberty, DeclarIndep180x180and the pursuit of happiness.” It seems that at one time the entire country was consumed by these words. Have you ever really wondered why these brief words attended to so much chatter?

Well one might say, “that is very easy!” You see these are the words that were used in a declaratory document where the inhabitants of the British Colonies in North America were saying and shouting on some occasions that these very promises made to them by the King of England were being broken.

In addition, the writers of this declaratory document transformed these words into unalienable rights or were given to humankind by their Creator, as rights to live by. Indeed the most significant statement in the document comes from the neo-study of philosophy that first qualified people’s Natural rights by God and of Nature’s God.

Bill O’Reilly remarked on the administration’s decision to free five Gitmo detainees in exchange for the release of captured Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. “This is yet another troubling situation for the president,” O’Reilly said. He explained that Obama signed a law last year saying that he must give Congress 30 days notice before any Gitmo detainee can be released or transferred. However, wording in the law gives Obama discretion, and he said he had to act quickly because Bergdahl’s health was deteriorating in captivity.

We are not altogether certain what the military, intelligence, security, and civilian sectorsMap and Scope_1 are thinking about this most recent decision by President Obama. However, we would like to ask everyone reading to comment of respond on how your particular life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness can or will be affected by this decision.

Rep. McKeon, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, cited the National Defense Authorization Act, which passed with bipartisan support that calls on the president to notify Congress at least 30 days prior to the release of detainees from Gitmo.

This is the same law that makes it legal to detain or otherwise operate without a warrant and/or hold a person in detention for a crime that they may have or may not have been any part of. This is the same law that many advocates as well as the U.S. Senate wanted to allow illegal immigrants to be able to serve this Nation in lieu of citizenship and visa paths.

KS14598It is rather well known that Sgt. Bergdahl’s capture and subsequent incarceration contain many questions. In fact, O’Reilly noted that Bergdahl was captured under “very mysterious circumstances” and said that “by trading one American for five terrorists, that might encourage Americans to be kidnapped all over the world.”

McKeon said the House will be holding hearings to look into the deal. “This president has a reputation, I think well deserved, of deciding which c_illegalalienslawlicenses1laws he’s going to enforce.”

“We just are in the dark and that is a violation of law. […] It really is kind of ironic because this is kind of playing out much like Benghazi where they kind of do or don’t do something and then come up with a story afterwards of why they did or didn’t do something.”






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