What is up with the (man in the) White House..?

What is up with the (man in the) White House..?

foolmetwice-130x190Finally after six of the most ludicrous years that certainly have ever had their own lunacy on history, with Hillary “Hard Choices” Clinton, being in the huddle just as well as Kathleen Sibelius, and who on this wonderfully blue planet of ours could possibly leave out Janet Napolitano, Nancy Pelosi, and Lois Lerner being in that huddle as well?

The fundamentally most important mad (insane) and lack of accountability taking quarterback who other than President Barack Obama. Question for everyone reading, “How many smelled a rat at the same time that this disgusting person was on his way to accept the Nobel Prize for Peace.” Openly and quite honestly I must divulge that I haven’t liked, supported, or aligned myself with anything that he has been any part of which on the one account has been without a negative consequence to me whatsoever.

Please do not misunderstand me gang — however, I am of the opinion that sitting in the seat of the most
prestigious touche warmer in the world — the president of the United States (POTUS) should have a minute yet measurable status of class around him or at the very least try to surround oneself with those prestigious, well-earned for their scholarly debate, as well as taking on the accountability that one must do.

white houseI openly wanted to write something funny and witty for this Friday, but openly seeing a man who hates the U.S.A. as much as he does trying to celebrate with passion (no less) those reverent and mighty souls that were doing what it took to change, or better yet, save the world from some crazed ideological murderer and when this person began to speak — I immediately felt that gagging reflex start to trigger as I thought I was going to be sick.

It makes me thunderously sick when I am in the presence of those remaining few people who are hoping beyond all hope that something remotely good is going to come out of that White House. For now in my own private little history for every one person who constantly nods their head and after not finding anything with which to agree on with anyone, there still remain those ten or twenty people who are still wondering why.

And here is what those unfortunate twenty something people are wondering — ironically nothing that normal people would be wondering about such as matters of law, tax reforms, or our protection from the mongering Muslim’s — yet to be fair inasmuch as not all Muslim’s are not these Islamic Jihadists wanting to kill everyone in the West.

Obama-Lies-SCPlease believe me when I say that I feel a genuine sense of remorse as I think about how little young folks know about their country, what this country has done for them without even acknowledging that there are millions upon millions of people trying to get their seat in this Nation. Truly it makes me almost as sick knowing the America these kids are growing up in compared to what she used to be.

Please allow me to share one thing with the smaller minded of that bunch. Maybe it’s just me…but of the mass killing sprees these truly lost people are going on albeit in a darkened movie theater, elementary and pre-schools, shopping malls, college campuses, all seem to have an illness about them as well. Killing innocent people in a Sanctuary on Sunday morning, ah anyone can do that; what do you say you grow a pair and go after those who truly deserve it.

As much as I would love the notion of just saying how crazy and bent of mind that person that lives in the obama visionWhite House is, I still want to have some dignity when I’m done. You see I believe our nation has been in great turmoil for the last six years. That turmoil starting at its root cause is seeing and unfortunately hearing a crazed person along the lines of a Islamic Jihadist say, that they want to transform the greatest nation in history and then begin to do so by blatantly break every single law they come upon that older, wiser, and more experienced men and women put into place. This man, Barack Obama has no self-respect.

And by his standards how many ways can a story be told, and told with a little detail rearranged, then told again with everything completely out in the open so he can grasp at straws. Obama has accomplished a couple of minor matters in the White House: One, he has shown me what a sleaze really acts like; and two, how many different ways can one tell and retell the same story.


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