Obama calls it an “urgent humanitarian situation”…say WHAT?

In broad daylight, with no fear of being seen, a group of Honduran girls — some as young as 14 — cross illegally into the United States.

“Because I want to see my parents in Austin,” one tells CNN.

Moments later, another group of Hondurans admits crossing the Rio Grande to get here, McAllen station, a border crossing into the United States. “Thank God nothing happened,” they say of the perilous journey.

Unlike other stories of illegal immigration across a porous border, these immigrants aren’t sneaking in. They’re showing up and announcing themselves.

“We are seeing hundreds turning themselves in daily. And I mean hundreds at a time,” said Chris Cabrera, a leader of the local chapter of the National Border Patrol Council, a labor union representing U.S. Border Patrol agents.

Using anything really, with the exception of their long term forecasts, many of the immigrants use rafts to cross the Rio Grande, equipped with instructions to follow the river until reaching the Border Patrol site to surrender.

illegal-immigrants-water“They know that once they get to the station, we are going to give them paperwork and we are going to set them free into the United States,” Cabrera says.

Please we ask everyone who possibly reads this article, what would you do?

“I see this as just another President Obama scheme whereby he has not had to use his pen or his phone, says William Blake of Annapolis Maryland. I know it is cliché, but desperate people will do desperate things.”

From our perspective this is a truly devised arrangement that can be orchestrated with a minimum of resources. Furthermore, I think that everyone within the sphere of influence should be on the alert to be ready to report as what they have seen.

Taking matters just a bit further we stumble upon this figment of a law: U.S. law prohibits the Department of Homeland Security from immediately deporting the children if they are not from Canada or Mexico. Instead, the children are turned over to Department Health and Human Services supervision “within 72 hours of DHS taking them into custody,” an official said.

“What a crock of brown steaming pudding! Who and what Congress approved this machination into law, asks Toni Merlo. Someone ought to be able to hunt this abrogation down and there should be null and void use of this potential Nation buster.”

Most of the time, they’re getting released to relatives in the U.S.,” Cabrera said. “There’s nowhere to put them, so they’re released on their own recognizance and have a pending court date. I’d say between 95 and 97% of adults or youths don’t show up for court.”

There is nothing like repeating mistakes of the past. Being released to relatives in the U.S. although they may or may not even know these “relatives” is one issue that is part of the overall planning. More importantly however is the release on their own recognizance with a pending court date.

This does seem like an oxymoron the notion of granting them their “own recognizance” because that legal parlance implies some type of responsibility. Therefore, as this law goes according to Cabrera 95 to 97 percent do not have the courtesy to show up. What do you think planned or happenstance.

Now for President Obama’s perspective: Official: Obama administration will enforce its priorities, not Arizona’s. Furthermore, President Barack Obama declared the crossings “an urgent humanitarian situation requiring a unified and coordinated federal response.”

Earlier this month, in a memo to the heads of executive departments and agencies, he announced an “interagency Unified Coordination Group to ensure unity of effort across the executive branch in responding to the humanitarian aspects of this situation.” The group will oversee coordination with state, local and other agencies.

Think or believe what you will, but please share back with us. In the likely event that these homeless individuals are considered humanitarian refugees, as we see it they are as good as a protected class and on to the path to citizenship.


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7 Responses to Obama calls it an “urgent humanitarian situation”…say WHAT?

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    I don’t understand how this doesn’t fall under some form of child abuse or neglect

    Who is going to raise these kids?


    • Jon-Paul says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. This Snake that slithers around the White House is setting up one hellava huge mouthful from special interest groups and advocacy groups as well. I really must mind my manners in addressing anything that wannabe president could possibly do.
      Thank you for your response! This clown does not use any semblance of mental forecasting or what he is doing to this Nation in his rubbish. It just appalls me that Congress has refused to act on Impeachment.


      • hocuspocus13 says:

        Why has Congress refused to Impeach


        • Jon-Paul says:

          In my humble opinion they are weak, scared, infantile, job crazed (making millions!), people who don’t want to rock the boat! I do also have an opinion that stipulates Obama has got far too much shat in is face and they don’t want him getting away with any thing more than what he’s done. Now then, I didn’t mention that these people are in Congress; I believe it is those who control and subsequently pay for what they want. Tell me, how does a man or woman making between 87K and 150K per annum leave two, three, four, or six years later with double figured millions in income? It’s just not possible. Word has it that it should take one year before a Rep. makes his/her first five million.


          • hocuspocus13 says:

            I agree

            But what happens to America…they will feel also

            And their children

            And grandchildren


          • Jon-Paul says:

            Hey there hocuspocus13!
            Is today a special day for you considering the date? Are the ladies getting together and making “witches brew”? Anyway…I understand your message; I must have been very, very tired when I wrote to you…I mean, the msg is confusing. Please help me out with “But what happens to America…” I know the basic premise sort of like “what happens in Las Vegas stays in…” But please don’t be disgruntled or mad: but isn’t what your trying to convey sort of universal? Or is it like currently what is happening in Iraq has no consequences for the Iraqi’s?


          • hocuspocus13 says:

            My point about our current in office politicians letting Obama get away with everything is that in the end those politicians who are not speaking up and starting impeachment have families that will feel the ill effects of it all…just like us

            And yes, special night
            Right now it is pouring raining thunder and lightening

            Just a prelude for this evening…

            The Full Moon has recently entered the Zodiac Sign of Capricorn

            Which is a Sign for logic, business, ambition and politics and not a minute too soon…

            Just tonight for the heck of it, later, much later, take a look at the Full Moon and ask of it something you want…politically

            I will be…

            Well, gotta run…have to hurry off for some much needed supplies for this evening, you know…wing of bat and eye of newt


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