Comprehensive Immigration Reform and its Problems


KS14598 So what is Comprehensive Immigration Reform anyway? Other than a complete and unequivocal oxymoron in words we quite easily could take it word by word, which is most of the time the best route to establish. Additionally, we feel that it was the adding on of the word “COMPREHENSIVE” that has created the larger problem as a whole.

Comprehensive as used under these auspices means an exhaustive examination, of a large scope, broad based, completely, it also means to be all inclusive. One quick definition deals with the ability to understand — mentally, the process that is at hand.

So knowing that REFORM is to put something together or to change it into an improved form of condition. Basically to reform means the improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt, unsatisfactory or unacceptable.

Therefore putting additional words that mean the same thing we could use to improve, restructure, develop, revolutionize, by rearranging that which is unsatisfactory or unacceptable.

Likewise when we use COMPREHENSIVE with REFORM we are inclined to use on a large scope, exhaustive, completely, and all inclusive with the knowledge of understanding to put something together or to change it into an improved form of condition; subsequently, to improve, restructure, develop, revolutionize into an inadequate system.

To the best of our knowledge the notion of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) came into use when the late Mr. Edward Kennedy started to involve himself into matters of “immigration control” believed to be around 1997 upwards to 2007 when his, many others, and especially Sen. John McCain took on the notion of throwing in everything.

It was during this decade that when we find illegal immigration numbers going to record setting highs. In all actuality what therefore happened was that in essence, talk is very cheap when compared to actually doing; all one need to do is to ask any politician, who most of the time are long on talk and very, very short on accomplishment or doing.

It was also during this decade 1997 to 2007 that more unrealistic promises were made without the consequence of cost; moreover, what would happen to a normal person when either through their tax liability or direct cost the amenities which at one time were affordable started to become more and more expensive. Normal items such as medical costs, dental costs, education costs, and the demand for entitlements have gone sky high.

It would be an overwhelming notion to monitor immigrant amnesties with these following considerations: Putting an end to the birthright of U.S. citizenship, assist law enforcement

Being unduly fooled, America's leadership should recognize the Foundation supported immigration rally.

Being unduly fooled, America’s leadership should recognize the Foundation supported immigration rally.

with chain migration; this is basically as one person becomes an illegal alien whilst in the U.S.A. their family members follow their lead by coming to this country; in all foreseeable futures this is what is happening right now when parents leave and/or send their children to the U.S. and then they meet up.

Furthermore some additional ways to stop illegal immigration would be to either stop or reduce the Visa Lottery program; Reduce the Unnecessary Employment Visas; reduce Refugee and Asylum arrangements. It would certainly assist LE, Customs enforcement, Border Agents, and those affiliated simply by reducing Illegal Immigration Entitlements.



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