Map and Scope_1There was a time when — not too long ago — there was a relatively very minor difference between these two ideologies concerning immigration reform. A quick and brief history should allow all of us to know how a simple concept evolved into this massive problem that we all face today.

As we recall the American Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) has never been a means by which this country relied on securing its borders. Furthermore, the INS system was never designed to be such. As early as 1791 Congress starting laying out rules, policies, and procedures with the primary intention of assisting the reasonably new immigrant during their process of becoming naturalized.

Even as the Founding Fathers had their own preferences as well as ideologies about immigration it must be clearly pointed out that for border security, the invasion of millions of humankind, and the general welfare of those immigrants was much different for them. In fact, it would be accurate to stipulate that is the way it was for approximately 300 years.
The entire matter of “reform” never really was at issue. There was indeed a time when people understood national sovereignty; moreover, what constituted the moral, ethical, and values-orientation of a people — mainly the citizenry of a Nation — was respected up to the rule of law which governed said Nation.

Although every presidential administration has been plagued by the gnawing needs of Nan Pelosi_nthose who were empowered to gnaw it was not until approximately twenty years ago that so many demands were placed on a small unit of the U.S. government, that was never intended to be the function of the INS. Therefore, assuredly a small podunk agency that was intended for basically paper pushing activities, was hurled head long into a different state of affairs it was not qualified for, and began receiving national dictums it surely was unprepared for.

Basically when the INS was first formed it was a tiny podunk agency that had been bounced around in the executive branch for decades at a time. The major function of the INS agent was to prepare the immigrant for becoming a legal resident. Notwithstanding keeping track of the year-to-year exposition of the immigrant was one of his/her biggest responsibilities. This is referred to as the “time served” clause whereby a potential legal resident was required to be within the continental United States for at least five years.

"Ah...c'mon let's walk across...

“Ah…c’mon let’s walk across…

The United States Congress and now the President have been in charge of making some necessary, some not so necessary amendments to policy that a former Congress had already made.

Starting in the late 1960s which flowed through the decade of the 1970s became a period of needing change in both the U.S. as well as Mexico. In particular Politian’s in their attempt to satisfy agriculture demands began to allow various companies contracts to have migrant workers enter into the U.S. more on an non-policed basis than otherwise. This act of kindness was heralded by the Mexican Politian’s. This was indeed the time when Mexico was unable to meet the economic demands of the people.

In addition we are addressing the most loftiest times in American history for illegal drugs;US Immigration Reform hence, the War on Drugs was declared by several different administrations on both sides of the border.

At approximately this time was when the U.S. needed to make adjustments in the course of issuing various reforms within the INS. The problems between undocumented workers (1), as well as the need for greater numbers within law enforcement (LE) (2), and making binding legislation to combat the ever growing problems of millions of illegal immigrants arriving during the time that drug usage was spouting with cartels building (3) and a Congress that was inactive.

For today the moral of the scenario was that the U.S. failed miserably at keeping up to the demands of foreign workers and their families invading this nation in addition the U.S. failed to properly protect the welfare and the very rights that citizens are guaranteed. Law enforcement was under equipped and then came September 11, 2001. More Comprehensive v. Immigration Reform tomorrow, Lord willing.


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