gold foil2As time goes on, I continually lose what confidence as miniscule as that might be; consequently, it is time to face the entire mess — that was brought on by yourself as President and subsequently you are unable to point any fingers or thumbs at your predecessor which you certainly did in the beginning.

Quite openly all of the “Bush burning and Bushbasting” that you did from day one of your Presidency only goes toward your incompetence of your position now — that is, you’ve never been qualified for this job.

This is it friends, colleagues, and the lot: For (and it starts right now) this mid-term election of 2014 even as the general election in 2016 the time has indeed come — right now — as if you want competent individuals in the seats of Congress, you know and here is their definition. A member of Congress (House and Senate) should number one have your rights as their main concern — insofar as that is what they were elected to do.

Secondly, a member of Congress cares about you more than all things, except God. And as such should place you in the middle of whatever they believe is important. Here is a good example:

Instead of conjuring up new comprehensive immigration reform rules, policies, and procedures which to the logical block of whoever’s constituency is not the most important issue that needs to be addressed — good and gracious Almighty! — for what the twelve million people want; moreover, what it is going to cost the U.S.A. in real money, one would think that the undocumented, illegal, or visitor to our nation needs to show is tolerance.

I will go on record as believing that amnesty, configured DREAM Acts, and chain migration are very much defined as amenities or additions for what? If a person violates the law for whatever reason then the penalty must be served.

Any and all special arrangements like bombarding society with in excess of 45,000 tried, convicted, and incarcerated ‘criminals’ is not right. Furthermore, to waive and negotiate for five death warrant prisoners of war, who are sitting in Gitmo Bay is just plain wrong. And I do not care for whom this action was done for. Take my family members, girlfriend, anything except my dog, Bailey, and we don’t care what you are doing.

We say stand by the credence of this Nation — “We will not negotiate for hostage;” what kind of sense does it make to lower the bar of acceptable American standards…right, I think someone’s got it…it is nonsense.

Hillary Clinton, in a sit-down interview with Fox News, suggested Tuesday that she had

Goodness are you kidding for President?

Goodness are you kidding for President?

doubts from the outset about whether the Benghazi terror attack was triggered by a protest over an anti-Islam film — though her State Department ended up pushing that narrative for days.

“This was the fog of war,” Clinton said, when asked about the administration’s controversial public explanation of the attack. Nice but forever a cliché — please, please understand that this is the way politicians attempt to communicate. There are two very consequentially important issues to discuss here.

One, Clinton had doubts about the video, yet, what did she do? Nothing while her department continued to push that rubbish for days, maybe even weeks.

And two, what does the “fog of war” mean or insinuate? It means that she (Clinton), President Obama, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, ad nauseum, our entire government was confused by this horrendous act.

The State Department, under her leadership at the time, continues to face questions — and a congressional probe — over whether it ignored security warnings leading up to the attack, and why the department and others in the administration overlooked evidence of a terror attack in favor of the faulty explanation that it was fueled by a protest.

Wait…I have one more question. What did her State Department as well as the entire body politic try to convince the world that this facility in Benghazi Libya, was a Embassy of the United States?


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