It is Unfair to Blame America or Americans…? (Part 2)


Unbeknownst to many a reader who diligently comes by or for those who don’t know, we run a quarterly summation article here refered to as “Enduring Question’s for Illegal Immigrants.” Please click here to have a quick review.

c_illegalalienslawlicenses1Getting straight down to the point of the entire mess we alluded to in earlier today’s writing and in this installment there is something for all of us. First up we ask everyone already in the Nation — illegally or undocumented or whatever politically correct reason is run for this month — where does law breaking come into to being for you?

What Iraq, most areas of Vietnam, the entire state of Islam will ever understand is that a true blue democracy, or a representative democracy takes an enormous amount of discipline from both the citizenry and the government. However, it is within the rule of law that any act, bill, or law that will be successful. Therefore, for our friends and others who have come to America and did not do it within the law — you, your families, regardless of how long you have been in America you are wrong. We don’t care if you’re working, putting children through school, or what have you — you have cheated the system and everyone who lives in it legally.

Until one is able to admit that (then of course change it entirely) face prosecution, fines, fees, or whatever, then you simply don’t belong here. Why?

Because you and your actions have cut into and cast out that portion of the American

The infamous Gang of Eight

The infamous Gang of Eight

Dream that so many people are going about the proper way and will eventually lose out. Now, is that fair? Another question: What about the burden on America’s health care industry. Currently by lock, stock, or a big barrel you have managed to run up cost of billions of dollars per year taking your illegal children, friends, relatives and yourselves to the emergency rooms.

And how much do you think you are helping out a nation that has 20 to 30 million good and honest and some crazy and a huge number of veterans of war who are out of work?

Most of the majority of this article deals with the journalist who wrote that awful article that got to me yesterday.  The genuine big deal was the anger about immigration reform that cost him (Eric Cantor) the primary in his Virginia district. That wasn’t the only factor behind his defeat, but it was probably the biggest. And before I forget, I need to say to you that what you allege about Mr. Cantor’s future is your opinion only; knowing that it is please act like you belong in this business and write it on an Opinion Page.

It is logistically impossible to detain and deport all 11 million people, even if we were bent on expelling families who have roots in the United States reaching back decades. You write as if you are talking for me — and just to make it clear you are not speaking for me.

However, it is important to note here that shame, shame, and more shame on those individuals who have lived here for decades and NOT registered with the immigration authorities. Did you know that since 1940 all a person needed to do was got to INS and request permanent residency status? I ask myself this question everyday — how in Tarnation could an eighteen year old young man be wearing a “Now What” sign around his neck after graduation! Then I say what the hell has his parents been doing.

I do not ascribe to this individual’s logistical plan. With the amount of money the 11 million has cost us in entitlements alone, would certainly produce more than enough money to pay them to go back. Or with the outrageous sums you are talking about the great state of California could easily attend to the nation’s worth of illegal immigrants.

My point here is that some very irresponsible politicians in this nation have opened their120253-1440x900-godblessamerica2_lg big, humongous mouths about a notion that they have no idea or reasonable clue how they would pull their grand scheme of things — all illegal now — but for a person to hear a rumor or follow-up on some gossip puts them in the same situation. The following is the part where you are just as guilty:

There’s no way to solve this problem without some form of comprehensive immigration reform. That means a combination of effective border enforcement, tough sanctions against employers who hire undocumented workers, a guest worker program and a pathway to legality for most of the 11 million.

Please I implore you to look up the definitions of the words “reform” and the all-inclusive “comprehensive” and you are in fact doing what most politicians in this country are doing. Since when has a combination of effective border enforcement plus tough sanctions (Heaven forbid, whatever that means) against employers, why even put into the CIR the notion of a pathway to citizenship? Now aren’t you guilty of making a rumored promise that you have nothing whatsoever to do with?


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