Unconscionable and deplorable tactics

Unconscionable and deplorable tactics

MexicoThousands of immigrant children fleeing poverty and violence in Central America to cross alone into the United States can live in American cities, attend public schools and possibly work here for years without consequences.

The chief reasons are an overburdened, deeply flawed system of immigration courts and a 2002 law intended to protect children’s welfare, an Associated Press investigation finds. (Further reading and information, click here.)

Driving the dramatic increases in these immigrants is the recognition throughout Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that children who make the dangerous trip can effectively remain in the U.S. for years before facing even a moderate risk of deportation.

Now how do you suppose that this hearsay has been strewn about these nations? Here is another more complex question. Is this really hearsay? I am reasonably sure that this is not hearsay in the least. All one need so is to look at President Obama’s scheme of arrangement he has proffered and put into place since the earliest days of his administration.

More importantly however is our last post titled “A fiery debate is raging over a controversial plan is substantial proof that these arrangements have been in the works for a rather long time.

Therefore what do we have now? We have at least 43,000 unaccompanied minors showing up at our southern border and Washington D.C. overly willing to reach into the taxpayer coffer to accommodate them.

This notion of commercially flying illegal aliens from wherever they enter the country to the various government owned — remember eminate domain activities of 2009 to 2010 — has asked the military to open temporary shelters in Texas, Oklahoma, and California.

The entire situation shows how desperate for amnesty that this administration really is, regardless of you and your feelings are about the issues. As for me and mine we find these deplorable tactics unconscionable.




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