Who is man that thinks he can. . .

Who is man that thinks he can. . .

obama_immigration-300x180Today I would wish that all could follow along with me regarding human thought, the psyche, our ego’s not to mention, some of the most grandiose (far-fetched) plans that I am sure mystify our Creator.

People who are employed in the Nation’s capital have misspoken to us so many times that unfortunately for them; they are starting to believe their own fabrications. This is what I have roughly been victimized into believing; “There is not once ounce…not a smidgen of corruption happening with the IRS.”

Are not you overwhelmed with the confidence of that man? Major pundits and scholars as well as academic giants have now reached the point of expressing their true feelings about that man. For the sake of brevity I will only mention a few.

A new CBS News/NY Times poll shows the Obama administration has collapsed in the court of public opinion. O’Reilly identified President Obama’s basic problem: incompetency.

One example is candidate Obama’s promise that if elected president, he would reform the Department of Veterans Affairs a campaign promise never attempted by Obama.

He continued, “Add to that the border, Iraq, Putin, the IRS, and you have an administration that is basically missing-in-action.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that President Obama exceeded his authority with recess appointments to the National Relations Labor Board. This comes a day after Speaker of the House John Boehner said he plans to go forward with a lawsuit against President Obama over his use of executive action.

Charles Krauthammer said the fact that the court’s opinion was written by a liberal shows “contempt” for the president’s actions.

He called out the Obama administration’s “tremendous level of arrogance,” adding, “I think this may be a signal that the Boehner lawsuit […] might succeed and Obama might lose.”

U.S. immigration officials released murderers, drunken drivers and sex crime convicts in 2013, according to government statistics. “This is a huge bait and switch by the Obama administration… by the Obama administration,” Byron York, of the Washington Examiner said on tonight’s “On The Record.”

Of the immigrants released, more than 100 were convicted of murder, 2,700 of assault, and 1,300 of domestic violence. About 15,000 were convicted of drunken driving, and 9,000 were found to be driving under the influence of drugs.

As you can imagine it is this kind of corruptive and conniving administration that irks mePuzzled Confused Lost Signpost Showing Puzzling Problem beyond reproach. I challenge anyone out within the readership of this article to split the two terms such as Term #1 and mark all of the misgivings that have occurred on Obama’s watch such as Fast and Furious, Brian Terry being gunned down by illegal aliens with a gun provided to him by the administration; and then go on to Term #2 where we have Syria, the Iraq War, Benghazi, the IRS, and on and on and on…

Now in finale who is man that he would believe he could actually have something to do with climate change that we would hope would not annihilate the earth.


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