More Money with More Aid for Unaccompanied Minors IN Texas and Mexico

More Money with More Aid for Unaccompanied Minors IN Texas and Mexico

How she has remained in still an enigma.

How she has remained in Congress…is still an enigma.

This came as a rather unexpected surprise for me inasmuch as I am in the process of collecting as much real reporting data as possible on this “Drug Lord” expected to be the biggest and most influential that was captured at a World Cup venue. Then according to some witnesses on site stated when he was gently confronted with members of the Brazilian ADB and some silent FBI and the Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug, and Explosive Devices (DEA) units.

My unexpected surprise was not in a head line that read, “Obama seeks border aid; Pelosi visits Texas” which to me was like an onslaught to the Democrat Party having the former Speaker of the House (Pelosi) and the President asking for more, yet more money for aid to the unaccompanied minors both in Texas as well as Mexico.

President Barack Obama will seek more than $2 billion to respond to the flood of immigrants illegally entering the U.S. through the Rio Grande Valley area of Texas and ask for new powers to deal with returning immigrant children apprehended while traveling without their parents, a White House official said.

With Obama looking to Congress for help with what he has called an “urgent humanitarianadmin-ajax (1) situation,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi visited a Border Patrol facility in Brownsville that held unaccompanied children. More than 52,000 unaccompanied children, most from Central America, have been apprehended entering the U.S. illegally since October.

Therefore, we want to ask this question: what has taken in excess of nine months to finally do something about a “urgent humanitarian situation” victimizing a minimum of 52,000 lives?

Now we are open minded journalists’ here; however, we also would like to prepare Congress as well as admonish “Her Highness” the Majority Leader in the House, Nancy Pelosi, as in particular the sloppiness of this administration for creating this urgent humanitarian situation.

dumboWe forthright agree and are in the position that if one advertises for a particular thing – in this case obviously amnesty, Green cards, work and simply a better life, these are the results one should expect.

Furthermore, this is not a drop everything because this mess just started keeping those in their loop unexpecting, when we know that this entire machination has been monitored by field representatives of many covert agencies.


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  1. thomlucci says:

    I have more common sense in my little toe than Pelosi has in that thing between her ears and her unmentionable drawer combined.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      You are so undisputably correct! She is just such a “yes Your Majesty” over anything that is asked of her. She is a terrible liar to boot! I am positive that there is no common sense to be found on that individual. But for the life of me…not matter how weird San Francisco can get and IS, why they keep electing this person really sheds light on them.


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