Obama says, “So sue me” and “No boots on the ground”…

writers toolsLately in our nation (for the last six years) some of the oddest situations have occurred primarily because of poor organizational skills, ergo, decision-making, planning, organizing, and time management in basically all aspects of running a country which is the basic affirmation of government.

Therefore, I thought I would try a few examples within the model I have developed which basically measures the effectiveness of program starts through the program’s ending.

Without further adieu let us look at the planning, organizing, time management, and decision-making for our most recent status dealing with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), or the much sought after new state of Islam.

Originally we were told by the president that the United States would not have an active
participation in the area that such demonstrative violence is happening, which is Iraq and Syria. Did you buy into that lofty piece of news from the president?

This was during the time that absolutely “no boots on the ground” gained in popularity; however, what the expression is of course, is political correctness formatted and used pretty exclusively by those who are beginning to believe that they are somehow elite. No boots = no soldiers; but who would believe that?

In reality what has happened without planning, managing, and especially time management this masterful announcement turned into nothing more than 300 advisors to train the Iraqi National forces – which correct me if I am wrong here, but the American public has already flipped the bill for that one, right?

The morphology has now turned into 750 troops to guard the personnel in the U.S. debateEmbassy, and Consulate affairs employees whilst they are leaving. Next thing you know there will be a lottery for birth dates and according to that number you will have received your Draft number.

Iraq is increasingly turning to other governments like Iran, Russia and Syria to help beat back a rampant insurgency because it cannot wait for additional American military aid, Baghdad’s top envoy to the U.S. said Tuesday, according to an A.P. report released by ABC News.

This week President Obama sent more soldiers to Baghdad to help bolster the U.S. Embassy. All told, officials said, there are about 750 U.S. troops in Iraq — about half of which are advising Iraqi counter-terror forces fight ISIL.

And in shorter order the president has decided that “if Congress won’t help, I’ll do it on my own,” making reference to House representatives who are not prepared to vote on that horrendous Senate 704 bill made by the infamous Gang of Eight.


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