A Lying President and an Angry People in the USA…

Have you been thinking...critically?

Have you been thinking…critically?

Working through some of our data here at The Contemplative Thinker especially what topics are being read and then again those that are never (it seems) read has brought forth a tremendous amount of perception and debate.

Behind these front pages here at WordPress.com is a plethora of information to any editor, writer, and reader. Consequently then it presents to us how well we are getting out the truth and who – by region, section of our nation, as well as the sections in cities and counties for other countries.

Perhaps an example is appropriate to illustrate what it is that is being discussed. At the close of last week WordPress.com will provide the Top 10 articles written. The most interesting notion behind this particular data is that the most popular article whilst maintaining the number one spot consistently are the following:

1 – The President Misspeaks Again
2 – Enduring Questions for Illegal Immigrants
3 – Anything new, old, or ancient dealing with Illegal Immigration

Another topic that remains in the Top 10 and has held the number one position more than just about any other piece is titled: “Is it Okay for Christian’s to do Yoga” which incidentally holds the number one spot for active comments.

As most of our regular readers are concerned they are the most polite, good natured and gentle editors any writer could possibly imagine. I mean that for the last two years we have all been collecting unusual things to send to those who follow us and it is through them that we are able to do our jobs.

Let us address for illustration: “The statistics are actually a little deceptive 502c7972dc3b3.preview-620_illegals trying to get Dreambecause what we’ve been doing is, with the stronger border enforcement, we’ve been apprehending folks at the borders and sending them back. That is counted as a deportation, even though they may have only been held for a day or 48 hours, sent back – that is counted as a deportation.”

I do not believe that I am wrong or even in error, not even a smidgen when predicated upon the evidence albeit solicited, volunteered, or received from members of the agencies who have been doing this otherwise faulty reporting for year’s even decades is and will always be wrong.

New Investigation: Protesters from the town of Murrieta, Calif. chanted “USA” and “Go home”

Protesters in San Diego blocked three buses carrying migrant children and families from Central America, forcing the group to be rerouted away from a suburban processing center.

The approximately 140 immigrants were detainees who had been flown by the Department of Homeland Security from overcrowded Texas facilities into San Diego, and had been scheduled to move to Border Patrol stations in the region, the Associated Press reports.

But protesters in Murrieta, a small city an hour north of San Diego stopped them, shouting “U.S.A.” and “Go home.”

image_88Tens of thousands of migrants fleeing violence and extortion from gangs in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras have attempted to cross the Mexican border into Texas in recent months, triggering what President Barack Obama has called a “humanitarian crisis.” More than 52,000 unaccompanied children have been detained since Oct. 2013, a huge rise from previous years.

The standoff in the San Diego area came after Alan Long, the mayor of Murrieta, urged residents to voice their displeasure to elected officials about the transfer of migrants to California from Texas. Residents emerged in force, carrying signs that said “Illegals out.”

The migrants, blocked from their original destination, were turned over to a border facility in San Diego within view of the Mexican border instead after officials rerouted the vehicles to a freeway. (Please see Other Media page, listed just below the header.)


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