Obama catches dung from both sides for skipping trip to Border

Obama catches dung from both sides for skipping trip to Border

Anonymous_rich_man_s_strut_svg_medHey! You know a great politician is the one who does not think before taking your money or donations; yet, the really accomplished politicians are those who completely miss the mark, especially over something they have started.

President Barack Obama does not have remorse one about visiting Texas to hit up those overly well-to-do J.R. Ewing’s (from Dallas fame) with one hand out expecting more whilst the other hand is just twisting and turning the knife that he has got in your back.

Just for levity purposes – one of the degrees I have earned (seriously hard) is from the George Mason University’s School of Modern Education and Human Development. One of the projects I volunteered for was as follows: Given the normal human being whilst receiving a gift or Halloween candy, which do you suppose received more; one with offering two palms open or one with one palm open? Heck, one would think the answer would be easy – two hands nestled together like a cup. Truth be told it is the opposite.

President Obama is facing criticism from his own party for — a day after requesting afac_Map_largernearly $4 billion to address the influx of illegal immigrant minors — rebuffing invitations to see the crisis first-hand while he is visiting Texas to raise money for Democrats.

However, Obama said in a late evening press conference Wednesday he did not go to the border because he is interested in finding a real solution to the crisis.

“This is not theater,” he said, adding, “I’m interested in solving the problem.”

Mr. President, what do you feel the real solution to this crisis is? Moreover, if this is not theater, why is it that you want to solve a problem you will not publically identify?

Under pressure, the president did agree met with Texas Gov. Rick Perry and other local leaders in Dallas Wednesday evening, in between a packed schedule of fundraisers. But his itinerary, which has him traveling from Denver to Dallas to Austin, still does not include a stop along the border.

Obama said if Congress passes the emergency funding request, the government will have resources to take some of the steps Perry recommended. He said the problem is fixable if lawmakers are interested in solving it, but that if the preference is for politics, it will not be solved.

He urged Perry to use his influence with the Texas congressional delegation to pass the funding.

“If the Texas delegation is prepared to move we can get these things done next week,” he said.

41fk94wsOYL._AA160_However, lawmakers said that fact Obama is not going to the border is unacceptable. More explicitly we believe the president slithers on his belly much the same as a snake. And you really would not want to open that snake…the smell!

This is where I take the opportunity and share with our reader’s that the latest most spectacular bit of writing that we are consuming by the day is called, A PATRIOT’S HISTORY of the United States: From Columbus’s Great Discovery to the War on Terror.

I was reading a small bit last evening and I am dying to share this with you – Reconstruction Era, just before the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, President Lincoln’s successor, trying to come to an agreement about the ways the U.S.A. should be placed back together.

**”The Freedman’s Bureau (the agency for the people set free after the Civil War, to include Refugees, Asylum seekers, and those requesting Amnesty), like all government institutions was bound to be corrupted by the flow of money and the religious zeal of the participants. When nothing short of heaven on earth is at stake, the disappearance, or unauthorized use of funds and equipment cannot stand in the way of progress…”

**During our time of research I have found that the Freedman’s Bureau is the original agency called The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).


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  1. Obama is destroying this country. Lies, deceit, and scandal after scandal – America will never be the same. A huge thanks to all the dogs, dead people, illegals, the gotta-vote-for-a-brother African Americans, and the we-don’t-want-to-be-called-racist whites for voting Obama in to office for a 2nd term.


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