National Immigration Reform Day..?

National Immigration Reform Day..?

1404402929129.cachedNational Immigration Reform Day? If there is anything that a person could bank on in this Nation, it is that if there is any quality time given any issue in life one could bet that some advocacy group will be the first to seek out some kind of IRS Code 503 (not for profit tax credit). And then register that particular day with the Federal Register or the “This or That Day” maker in Washington D.C.

We are all certain that this type of behavior started up during the civil rights movement as well it should have. However, not long ago I had a student complaining that their recognition month only had 28 to 29 days in it.

Knowing the gentlemanly teacher I am, I merely replied, “what about all the other organizations that share that month with you that nobody hears a thing about?”

Pressing she continued with how unfair it was for February to celebrate everything good that various people have done. Therefore, I explained to her that as soon as possible I would share with the class the enormous amount of recognition days and for who was the beneficiary.

At that point I had no idea what I had gotten myself into…period. A quick trip to the immigrationrefrom-ap_4library and some search terms like “recognition day, days of month dedicated to whom, or simply ‘list days celebrated by who and by date,’” actually provided me with approximately five pages per month in 10 point font.

So who was it that founded or had the mind to come up with National Immigration Reform Day? The point is that nobody seems to know; however, if lost one could always check with the National Day Laborer Organizing Network that seems to be a state to state organization. Yet the lack of finding the actual information seemed lousy to me.

Does anyone reading thus far smell a little political correctness going on? Ostensibly it is quite apparent that various groups want some kind of action (Hum…$$) to endorse this day in history.
For the National Day of … we want to focus on: What is Immigration Reform? What and why the Dementia caused by not doing whatever? Why are You Blaming the House and/or Republicans? What does the Politicians want? What do advocacy groups want?


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