He is Ruining our Nation…

go with coverThe fight over how to process and care for masses of children from Central America who have crossed into this country is quickly becoming a spectacle of the obscene.

While the government tries to abide by the law as written and handle the children with as much care as any child would deserve, under any circumstances, the public continues to see images of angry adults’ intent on confronting buses full of minors.

Demonstrators in Murrieta, CA, forced buses carrying immigrants to turn back. A group in Oracle, Ariz., this week blocked a road to prevent a bus filled with immigrant children from making it to a temporary housing facility.

We are still staying as reserved as we can. But let us not be fooled or taken back by whatHolderbug
others may or may not be doing. This entire scenario has been has been repugnant since a considerable time before these children came to the “border looking to get in to a place that is better than where they have it.”

Before His Excellency Bill Gates or his crony, Warren Buffet, begin to cite the steps to a “Break the Immigration Reform Impasse.” I invite them, as well as Barack Obama and all his cronies and of course Cecilia Munoz, former head of the National Council of La Raza, who know holds a cabinet position within the Obama administration to sit back view this writing and get a grip on reality.
This writing is in response to the Opinion section of the New York Times where these gentlemen decided to weigh in with their version titled, “Breaking the Immigration Impasse.”

Now, one need not run to their local New York Times and read the article, because the article did not contain anything that would remotely slow down the raucous of what this “Reform” situation has boiled into.

NanSo that is where I want to start today. Given the three major principles in the Opinion write up, Messrs. Gates, Buffet, and Sheldon G. Adelson did not proclaim anything new; moreover, anything close to reform, Adelson, Buffett and Gates send a timely and important message to Congress to regulate the flow of immigrants coming to the United States.

Here is the sum total of their brilliance. They highlight the value to the United States that would come from revising two current policies to permit more liberal granting of visas and citizenship to graduates of American universities and people bringing with them substantial money to invest here.

It is interesting to note that our Founding Fathers had much the same let us get rich images Madisonscheme when it came to immigration. But how could we possible compare Gates to Thomas Jefferson, Buffett to George Mason, or Adelson to James Madison? We cannot; subsequently, although the Founder’s were on record as they discussed the wealth potential immigrants could bring they were nonetheless sane enough to write letters to each other as well as other Founding Fathers on how this would be the absolute worst thing any leadership could do.

Yet what the threesome did manage to do is make things simply worse. Are these gentlemen aware of the worst overstays or desertions within the visa tablature? That is right students overstaying their privileges to stay at American universities. And how is it that these gentlemen speak for thousands of graduates of American universities regarding a pathway to citizenship. News flash boys, not everyone wants to become an American citizen.

The only issue brought up that would sink them more than the first two would be their last recommendation. That would be bringing people with substantial money to invest here. Let us cut to the chase here – where is the wealth in Mexico, Central America, and Colombia, Brazil, and other areas of South America? We will go before you guys, the overwhelming amount of money you want invested in this country comes from the illicit drug trade.

WE THE PEOPLETrying to keep it shorter here gang, but I must make an attempt at getting this disgusting revelation out of my mind and shared with those who will take a special notice. A little child does not learn vocabulary say from 4 to 10 yrs of age whilst compiling a vast set of resourceful material. Therefore, academicians’ and scholars, know that a child who receives their precious amount of love from both parents, relatives, and friends do not notoriously want to leave their homes. Consequently, do these children even know what a refugee is or what an asylum seeker is?

We say an unequivocal “Nay” to this question. So then where do they learn it? Gee, when these children arrive at the U.S. Border they speak of amnesty, asylum, and being a refugee as if it was the only English words they know, and well might be. Same holds for arriving to a new country, massive aircraft flies them onward, huge buses take them to camps. And then we get irresponsible dead weight leaders, after telling Border Patrol agents and members of ICE to put em up for a few days the children see the money.





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