FAIR-profile-white_270x270-150x150This is where myths, stories, and blatant regard for the truth takes a hit from the largest advocacy group that has been that way for more than thirty (30) years. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) brings all of its news and developments within the community of especially illegal immigration reform straight – so straight that it is well known for rebuking many of the reports that are filed by the United States.

Here are the five (5) pressing issues and matters currently with FAIR that I’ve promised I would publish for you. I have left them in a “Read more” because insofar as reading the individual articles there is not too much that has not been carried by this publication.

We encourage reading all of the articles – they were tremendously valuable to us – and we do hope you enjoy them.

1. Open-borders Advocates Shamelessly Exploit the Surge of Minors

The op-ed notes that laws, drafted with inordinate input from immigration lawyers and immigrant advocacy groups, have created judicial gridlock that works in favor of illegal aliens attempting to remain in the United States. Read more

2. According to internal memos and news reports, the main driver of illegal immigration continues to be economic motivations. Read more 

3. This Date in Obama’s Administrative Amnesty: July 14, 2010

On July 14, 2010, a week after suing the state of Arizona over S.B. 1070 for “interfering” with the enforcement of federal immigration law, the Obama Administration said it would not sue sanctuary cities. Read more 

4. FEMA’s Requirements for Unaccompanied Minor Shelters

Recently, FAIR obtained a copy of an email from NETWORK, a pro-amnesty Catholic organization, from the Federal Emergency Management Agency asking for suggestions for potential shelter locations. Read more
5. Could the Mainstream Media Be Waking Up?

Just a few months ago most of the major newspapers portrayed President Obama as the Deporter-in-Chief. The stories hyped flawed statistics claiming the president was inhumanely removing an unprecedented number of illegal aliens, despite factual evidence to the contrary. Read more


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