A Nation with Immigration Problems, have they ever asked us..?

originalThis much we do know concerning the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill that is causing so much disdain and despair within the United States of America. What you are about to read illuminates the way in which most things are done in the U.S.A; however, it is clearly noted that this was NOT the way you or I learned the procedures, moreover, one could almost split a stitch in the sides laughing at the people who identify themselves as the Nation’s leaders. Without further adieu:

Do you remember a time in your life when the Party heads actually spoke to each other? Furthermore, is there a time when you can recall where members of the Republican, Democrat, Independent, and Tea Parties actually sat down at Happy Hour or Breakfast Brunch, literally discussed, and maybe put forth plans to end government gridlock and rhetoric?

The biggest things that separate our government on an individual basis is the all too common cliché of “are you with us, or, are you against us” that these days people are taking far too seriously their jobs and what impact they will have on history or their own personal legacy.

We will try and make this as easy as possible with brevity. Try to name one president that completely ignored the U.S. Constitution. Name one government politician who tried to ease around a corner of a law, or set things in motion that would assure his/her victory.
One needs to understand that the Constitution has had approximately four or more very significant alterations attempted sometimes successful while at other times not successful whatsoever.

Yet, to this day we still are electing or reelecting these very people who will do nothing shy to get their way. Let us share just a couple of these periods in history and you be the judge of the rightness or wrongness of the legislators. First one I can remember from study is when President Thomas Jefferson tried to re-establish the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Basically there were four independent bills that dealt with two bills intended for Alien acts deemed unworthy by the POTUS and gave the president the power to deport anyone or those who did not support the U.S. The Sedition acts were a completely different argument – primarily because they dealt with national security of the time and they were clearly supportive of speech against a sitting president.

Neither President Jefferson nor President Madison cared for that which was being written and said about them publicly. These acts had been primarily abolished by Congress in 1801. Obviously these laws were deemed unconstitutional because they limited free speech and also required a residency requirement of 14 years from 5 years which of course were repealed by Congress in 1802. (Read more 🙂

Please there are many issues that American taxpaying voters cannot figure out how these various acts done in complete yesteryear could even be found worthy of time before Congress. However, they must and for the next several posts we will continue to examine them and bring attention to them as well.

Is it morally ethical to grant a person who does not live in the United States the notion of Chain Migration? Chain Migration refers to the endless and often-snowballing chains of foreign nationals who are allowed to immigrate because the law allows citizens and lawful permanent residents to bring in their extended, non-nuclear family members.

We will also be looking at the Citizenship Clause of the 14th amendment. Birthright Citizenship is the practice of granting automatic citizenship to children born in the United States.

We will also analyze the notion of the visa lottery program was established in 1990 and awards approximately 50,000 permanent resident visas to foreign nationals by conducting a random lottery. And finally we need to establish correct language and protocol for refugees and asylum seekers into our nation. 

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