Christians and their Walk…

Christians and their Walk…

RioThere is so much to get done…I am still working on the Series of how to rectify our diffused immigration national policy is perceived. Accordingly, I have an additional Series of why we – in all over the world – have different meanings for the very words that we should all be saying them in one common language.

Of the second Series that I have alluded to are differing moral standards, different table rules for meal times, compassion, charity, ethics, and likewise –“Do unto others as You would have them do unto you” which I am certain that most Christians learn to call the verse, The Golden Rule. (Actually there is a plethora of places to find it I used Luke. 6:31 NASB).

Yet where I come from today, as in times and places before it is just to make sure I keep my priorities in syncopation. We are in America and therefore America was founded under the Judeo-Christian theology of principles. If there is something you are amiss about the cultural norms Americans have included in most of their laws. And it should be well pointed out that of the seven or so men working on either the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution some of the language was deemed too Christian and then altered by small committee so as not to offend the author.

Furthermore, if you find that you are one of these people who have chosen another way of life, walk, or journey please try and remember that it was not Jesus Christ who came here to this planet to shake things up or even change things in your life. Oh contraire! As I recall the historical narrative Mr. Christ was sent here to explain to us precisely what we needed to do to live a more fully enriched life.

The hook here is in the notion of was he, or wasn’t he (god)? I know what I believe being a man given over to research, methodological testing, religiosity, and I have found what it is that works for me.

Yet I am not going to raise a hoot and come at you like the old Southern Belt church and scream, yell, or get angry with you about anything you do in your life. You see it is your life. Live it in whatever or however you care.

Now because of the way that I am, believe what I do, and not put my heartfelt emotions on you, the Muslim, the atheist, the Catholic, or otherwise, well because that is the way you are.

Please understand that having studied the Founding Generation, most of everything they and certainly the three generations before them did was predicated upon Judeo-Christian principles.

bible-on-standAnd as such the leadership at the time was greatly influenced by The Bible, and many of its precepts, when one reads the American Constitution today I say, it oozes of biblical precepts.

There are many references given to mass murder; or plain murder. There is a lot of information – set of rules, behaviors that are acceptable, and those behaviors that are not acceptable by God.

One of those is killing, murdering, slavery, or getting someone to do what it is that you will not do yourself. The killing of Coptic Christians or any Christian group of people, or any group of people is wrong.

How wrong is it for those with weapons killing Christian people: serious enough to postpone a vacation. Furthermore, being a United States veteran please understand that there were far too many things I had to do that I could have raised a storm over. The United States Army is the U.S. Army; when at their home one needs to follow their rules. However, just as a heads-up I would not be taking the Lord’s name in vain!



PS It is time to wake up Marylanders! He has been given his time and he has squandered that! Amnesty, the Affordable Care Act, and Deferred blah, blah, blah he’s all for it!

Weigh in! This guy has not done anything but spend your money and eating well.

Weigh in! This guy has not done anything but spend your money and eating well.

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