Does the President Know What His Job Is..?

golfvsvets22Ladies and gentlemen…let’s be informed! Granted there are many people who read the newspapers and I say, Ah yes! Keep up the good work gang! And then if the opportunity exists, I may add “So what do you think? Think that we will make it another year?”

The entire measure of this exercise is multifold to put it mildly. Let us list what can be the modus operandi of such question asking. Clearly this is a way of laissez faire introduction, a conversation starter, then again one needs to be assured they either know the person who was asked, or be on some same footing.

You know Johnny Carson, the dean of all deans of late night television programs used to read seven newspapers before noon. And I am well aware that many people do that kind of reading today. But before you ask — what kind of reading was it — I mean a comedian perusing the papers for joke material is not exactly paying attention to what is right before him or her.

Which makes me even more intense on how does a person read a newspaper? I profess n504104ac64359_largethe school of thought that one read the material as objectively and interactively as possible. Where I am headed with this is to say most writing is just one person’s story. Some people like the old African “gringotts” made their storytelling legend because one, they had years to develop the story and two they can make it believable. Yet, while we are at it — “it” is still a story coming from a particular person to you. We don’t need the various quips of trust, knowledge, personality, facts, and just that. How boring! An editor would shout!

Ban-marylandreporter_logo_square-red-border-290x166Here is one such disastrous piece of lousy work. Barry Rascovar   who writes a weekly column for a paper referred to as The Maryland Reporter  has just received the best publicity it will ever receive — here is what the locals think: Blowback on Rascovar column was fierce; Bongino calls for boycott of Maryland Reporter – (Please read by clicking here.)

Have you ever decided to enter into a relationship (professional) with anyone of the writers



that you read often? Believe me, it is an easy thing to do. The more publicity (calls, letters, editors) the more scratch. Teaching reading skills and reading comprehension to college level students helped me to understand where our skill direction needs to be drilled.

What I am talking about is as you read there are naturally some questions that come to your mind. You should be asking those either of the author or his editor, trust me, you will get a response. Heck, write them down on the paper.

Now for the Lexus

Being informed is one of the most exasperating in a person’s life. I am not referring to a “know-it-all” just someone who knows both sides of especially current events. Poll ratings for activeness and being informed are way off the charts (mid to low 90 percent).

So did anyone hear the President’s speech today? One would think that he is auditioning for life after the White House — as a comedian! Here is a little and obscure sample for you.

[Working the crowd] he starts with. “Yeah those Republicans are going to sue me. Now it doesn’t matter, because the time it will take will be over two years…and I’ll be out of office by then. [He and audience laughing hysterically].


“Not a smidgen…”

But I just don’t know what they are trying to accomplish with this lawsuit. So, I’ll tell the Judge, I was just doing my job…Yep, getting sued for doing my job.”

Are you informed? Isn’t there just a little being left out of this speech? Is President Obama doing his job? If vacations and a lousy golf game was his job, well then he’d be doing it.

But there is so much more to it than that! You need both sides of this debate to be a good juror. As for the President, he should be curious about what it is that has irked so many people that members of his same party won’t talk or even associate with him, how long has it been since the President sent anything to Congress — one or both houses? You see this insecure and knowledgless man doesn’t even know what the President is supposed to do.

He is supposed to keep us safe. Do you believe his handling of immigration reform has kept you safe? There is undeniable proof that Obama knew about this two to three years ago. How about getting a Law passed, and then changing that exact law in excess of 40 times without even consulting Congress. The list goes on and on…



This person has been in Congress for far too long!

Weigh in! This guy has not done anything but his attitude is "Yes Sir, Mr. President..."

Weigh in! This guy has not done anything but his attitude is “Yes Sir, Mr. President…”

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