Rubio v. Rubio (both ways!) immigration will never work

First, the whole point of comprehensive immigration reform, which Rubio championed as Mexicorecently as last year, is to create a compromise framework that both parties could embrace: Republicans get increased border security; Democrats get a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who are already in the United States. Rubio’s new line is that the GOP should get 100% of what it wants now, and later, Republicans will think about Democratic priorities.

Of the first part, this aptitude of thinking is all very wrong. Make no mistake about it, essentially what is happening is that both political parties are trying first to win over the amount of illegal immigrants that are currently in the mix to vote. Therefore, forget about the Republicans and border security; furthermore, Democrats should not be scurrying around their offices and involving their aides and most left wing special interest groups to even consider a pathway to citizenship. Even considering a pathway for citizenship among those illegal’s that are already living here is unconscionable. 

The very first thing that should happen between these two or more political parties is have a meet and greet, brunch, breakdown of levels and introduce themselves to each other or introduce some unknown parties in the congressional membership. Levels refers to the time accumulated as a Representative or Senator.

Secondly, this may not be popular, yet is nonetheless the most important aspect of imagescomprehensive immigration reform, is once these individuals have had a welcome and have vowed to play nice — for the House, Speaker John Boehner – should address the issue that the United States of America has never, ever been in the position of making immigration laws. If of course we want to consider Acts and rules, even a “gentleman’s agreement” as law making, then this writing will stand correction.

Now it is believed that all sorts of rhetorical rubbish will fly around the meeting room as if the House Speaker was on dope. Now Ms. Pelosi, settle down and allow someone to show how the various agencies that have thus far run the INS, it is appreciated.

Whatever the case,the massive increase in population due to globalization and the sharp Pelosiincrease in the numbers of refugees following World War I created an huge warp of a homeless class of non-citizens. In some rare cases, procedures of mass naturalization were passed.

As naturalization laws were created to deal with the people separated from their nation state because they lived abroad (expatriates), western democracies were not ready to naturalize the massive  influx of stateless people.

Expulsion of ethnic minorities from newly created nation states in the first part of the 20th century, but they  (mostly aristocratic) Russians who had escaped the 1917 October Revolution and the war on communism period, and then the Spanish refugees.


Where is your Town Hall and what date was that again Elijah Cummings?

Where is your Town Hall and what date was that again Elijah Cummings?

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