An Alien sighted…and the Armies moved…


boozeStorytelling seems to be the notion of the person at the party who could tell the best ones. Or anymore when people think of storytelling it has been coming something like – the bedtime story – then there are always the – camp fire – stories normally featuring a demented and crazed person. Depending on who is telling it, the story normally involves younger people exploring their sexuality in one way or another and count on it–there will be blood, gore, veins in the teeth type drama.

If one were to really think about it outside of the air we breathe, and the blood in our bodies, there is one thing that has connected us to modern humans today with the shamans, emperors, kings, griots, priests, or the neighborhood drunk has been a heritage, or a lineage, of stories. Stories move the world at the same time they explain our place in it.

One should never ever think of treating a story as a shallow little thing. It should be remembered that a “good” story is as powerful as the bullet fired from an assassin’s gun.

We all love to be entertained. Popcorn and circuses! Clowns as well as tricks too! MikiFinnDecapitations along with the ice cream, thank you very much. Let the fuse burn, faster, so we can see the person exit the canon. Albeit by talking, or by writing, a good story entertains – but a great story knows the ability to do much more with its arsenal.

Seriously, what is it in a story that makes us feel something? Something that puts our emotions to the test, and at the same time make us give a hoot about the characters and places and concepts that do not exist and may well never exist. The way a story stabs us with sadness or hangs us out with happiness, runs us through the gauntlet of rage, jealousy, and denial whilst preserving lust and fear together is parallel to none.

A storyteller makes us feel something – even if it is sorrow for the one trying to deliver it. Jugglers entertain us, but it is the story that makes us give a dump when we have no reason to do so. Let all who read be aware that the story teller is the master of manipulation.

A good story is a good story regardless of genre, category, or form. Actually most of the big earning box office films are really a combination of the forms. All one need to do is think about Star Wars to get my meaning.

dexter_50308Oh thank goodness! How many of us enjoy the sci-fi flick, or a good sexy fantasy novel. Let’s think about a superhero comic, or explain to me how a show about duck hunting forges the ever popular video game with the same name. Yet it is always something more like human trafficking or a great slasher with new ways of slicing someone up that earns the respect of the listener or viewer.

As I set out to write this story, I had three primary earth- electrifying situations that I wanted to identify and share some of the happiest and saddest story telling moments with each treatment. Until I started counting them out…

That is when my list of chaotic extremes got so long that I realized I’d share them only after your help at clarifying which ones would be the best to hear.

Try and creatively think about the chaotic times we are actually living through and try and come to the happiest or disgusted ending one can think of. HINT: View the earth in its given Cardinal point – north, south, east, and west and think openly about tragedy, that is a great start.


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