David and Goliath or Escondido versus the ACLU

Escondido versus the ACLU

storyThe tenor and feel of the story has some interesting precepts. This is the David v. Goliath story we find in Biblical literature as well as the Bible’s own particular narrative.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), yep that army of legal experts has decided to take issue with the City of Escondido, California because the city has made decisions that the mighty ALCU does not deem fair and therefore has put the entire matter into the hands of the court.

The beauty of this narrative is that the rather upper class city of Escondido is run by a Mayor who himself immigrated to this nation, however he was never illegal, undocumented, or anything but a person who did things in the appropriate ways.

The little mayor, Sam Abed is a legal immigrant. Last week he and his city council unanimously voted 7-0 against the project of Southwest Key. It is overwhelmingly obvious that somehow or another his political views do not align themselves with those of the current Obama administration.

Southwest Key apparently a construction contractor has been given a contract to take anescondido unused former nursing home and renovate that into a detention center for primarily teenaged illegal immigrants as they wait for their court appearance deciding whether or not the illegal immigrant is to be deported.

Escondido, California mayor Sam Abed — himself a Lebanese immigrant — railed against a lawsuit contending that his city violated the rights of illegal immigrants by refusing to build them housing, declaring the ACLU is “targeting our city” and “we are going to stand for our rights.”

Last month, city planners in the 150,000-person city north of San Diego rejected a plan to build housing for illegal immigrants, which are overcrowding federal detention centers along the border.

Last week, the ACLU appealed that decision to the entire city council, setting off a local firestorm and making one mayor very, very angry.

th“We embrace immigration,” Abed told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto. “I am a proud immigrant coming to this country because of the liberty and the freedom. But the ACLU is [over]stepping their boundaries to interfere with local government.”

“We have two issues here,” he continued,” the issue of the detention facility which the planning commission has denied based on land-use issues. Now the ACLU is dragging this issue to immigration.”

The ACLU is targeting our city,” he accused. “And we are going to stand for our rights. We are going to defend our liberty, our sovereignty. It is a local issue, and the ACLU needs to leave the city alone and let us do our things to protect our city.”

“We have a mobile obligation to the existing residents,” Abed asserted. “We have about 70,000 Hispanic residents in our city. We need to help them realize the American Dream. We need to help them be prosperous, have a better life for their families.”

“But to add more illegal immigrants to our city is a problem for the entire community,” the Escondido mayor said. “You would expect the ACLU would defend the citizens of this country, but they are not.”

“So we’re going to defend ourselves, we’re not going to be intimidated by the ACLU,” Abed alcucontinued. “Because we need to fulfill our obligations to our residents, to our seniors, to our Hispanic community in Escondido.”

“The ACLU has no business interfering with the land-use decision,” he concluded. “It is our government; it’s the local government, which needs to make that determination.”

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  1. Ask says:

    What’s up colleagues, nice paragraph and nice urging commented at this place,
    I am truly enjoying by these.


  2. Well, about half your information is incorrect. You state: “Last week he and his city council unanimously voted 7-0 against the project of Southwest Key.” In fact last week’s vote was the Planning Commission not the City Council. It was appealed by Southwest Keys and that is why it will come before the Council. The ACLU has sued the City in the past for a law forcing landlords to evict within 10 days those people the City found to be undocumented — a clear violation of State and Federal laws. If Mayor Abed wanted to be part of the decision — which is a property rights decision and therefore quasi judicial — he should be spending his time understanding the case rather than grandstanding on Fox News.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      ESCONDIDO2014: You allege that about one half of my information is correct. If this is to be correct and all you point out is “Last week…7-0 against the …” that sure is no where near half. Bygones. If you would like the sources I used to acquire the information used (something that every educated person would do…) either click the links (maroon text) or simply ask for clarification. Fox News and Neil Cavuto’s show of course was extremely helpful.I was at the ACLU’s website during the show getting their background perspective as well as The Daily Caller insofar as it was them who broke the story here on the east coast.
      I do agree with you vis-a-vie most of the information rendered by Mayor Abed, which I’m sure was hyped. Then again I tried to leave his quotes alone insofar as I believe his perspective is critical insofar as he is an immigrant as well. I have no clue whatsoever as to where you live; moreover, I have no clue with what you political schemata is concerning the amount of undocumented that are here now. Actually living in an area that has received more undocumented, illegal immigrants for size, area, number of people, and moreover, having a crazed president threatening every other day that he will use his pen and phone to amnestize 11 million more sure does clear my mind to think – CRITICALLY – about how much intervention and regulation the government uses. For example, I was very much against what US Attorney General Eric Holder was doing in the summer of 2011 in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with this landlord – tenant law suits being given out like candy. Hey! Thank you very, very much for your comment. It is very appreciated.


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