Cardinal point direction: Ready when you are Captain…

Cardinal point direction: Ready when you are Captain…

world-map (473x312)In my last post I ended by alluding to the notion of just looking out or going out in each one of the Cardinal points and in so doing could or would create a story of magnificent proportions. Simply thinking of going on a worldwide journey – lets call it a Bucket List journey. Let us get out and do all of those things outlandish as they may seem now. For some reason doing exactly this just does not seem to be as thrilling or exhilarating as it once used too.

Every good mate on any ship can tell one what the Cardinal points are. Nothing real stirring about these points, they are just the direction on the compass as in north, south, east, and west from any given person’s place from where they are located at right now.

Which is precisely what my project has been with “me big mates” has been over the last year or so. Since having ostensibly the most traveling experience between all four of us we all put our most electrifying travel related fantasies and after meeting up with the boys we decided what stimulating and most exciting travel adventures we could and then for those of us who sweated year after year on the football fields, some went to college together, and others were in the military together; subsequently, being just the four coolest and longest standing friends for a lifetime – we outlined our entire trip.

We all thought that being from the West coast we should leave from the East. Admittedly, we could have simply started out and say “good east young man…” until approximately 24,000 miles later we would be right back in the same spot. But what kind of fun would that be?

It sure does not take engineering science to figure that a person could literally traverse the world that way. However their largest problem is that they would not be doing hardly any of their bucket list items. Maybe we should just look at these list items we agreed on before we make any more arrangements.

1280px-Alfabia2Starting with me is fair enough and most of my bucket list items are characterized by the island climate deluxe with lighthouses. I really look forward to the day when I can spend a reasonable amount of time on the Maldives Islands arriving there only after leaving my much needed stay in the in the Balearic Islands, Majorca (Spain’s largest island) and Minorca bring me exceptional presence. These and some say that the Canary Islands especially Tenerife Island is where Spain’s highest point is located so we may as well have some skiing gear with us don’t you think?

And as for my list and one of my dearest bud’s we have agreed to stay with some French Foreign Legion friends he has on Corsica as well. Think of it we are out headed for the Maldives off the coast of India, and we’ve yet to mention the marvelous Italian Isles of Sardinia and we both have the bravura for a good part of history on Sicily.

Have we even mentioned the Mediterranean Islands? Nope, not yet. However this I understand is when the water turns almost clear with a blue hue. Soon we all will be up on Mykonos and some quality time on Patmos Island before hitting our culture’s cradle, Athens.

Now this is with a direct heading of East. One simply cannot make it to our first mark –Maldives Islands – without first considering what other kind of operations we must travel either very close to or actually having to pull into port at some of the worst humanitarian places this side of Hell.

Just doing a few knots one must at least travel past Algeria which of course borders Tunisia which borders Libya, Egypt, and the Red Sea. At the same time we are to be cruising sub-Saharan Africa where thousands of people lay dead from the largest Ebola breakout in history.

syrian-officials-downAnd just north in that area is beyond question the most heinous turmoil of option-ville one could possibly imagine. An ultimatum, forget your religion and come over to ours or you will be shot in the head, decapitated, disemboweled, or run under the aim and deadly wishes for you and yours. These people want us to run up a mountain so we can die of starvation.


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