Over the Top, Unfair

Over the Top, Unfair

special-newsThere is no reason whatsoever why any or our sites regular readers should have a problem with the amount of illegal immigration coverage given to the readership. Now if I wanted to talk like our president of the USA, I may utter something to the effect of, “what we have here is a systemic problem with immigration of which my administration has had nothing to do with, insofar as those matters have been carried over from every administration since the beginning of the Nation’s history, primarily George W. Bush the Younger.”

Further to that simply because we have heard him too many times saying, “I can’t get anyoriginal help – so I’ll just do this (executive action) on my own.” I am here to write to explain why there exists a systemic problem and why doing something as serious as granting amnesty to 11.4 million illegal aliens is (not might, or will be, or may cause ruin and further decline in the USA) not the correct way or even the right way to handle any kind of business.

From what I have witnessed from this administration is an underling group of wannabe mobsters. Although there is something in the forefront of my mind that tells me that any organized group of corruptors, briberers, lacking integrity, crooked, depraved, or even debased in character. Actually I am trying to reconcile the events of the last five years such as, the ongoing IRS scandal, the Syrian debacle, and convince me that there was not a lot more that sheds more light on the bludgeoning of Benghazi Libya such as, missing missiles shipped to Benghazi as well as missing significant amounts of money. There has been too much scull drudgery going on in this administration it has been hard to keep up with it.

So we think revealing more just might be the necessary energy to stop Barack Obama from committing the most heinous crime the earth has ever seen. An open admission that the C.I.A. was spying on members of Congress as well as Congressional subcommittee hearings. It has taken the Supreme Court of the United States to rule on whether Barack Obama did the correct thing by appointing his own staff during a Congressional recess. Although the positions seemed unrecognized by members of the press it did not deter members of Judicial Watch.

irs-logoWe think that the entire shenanigans that went on in the continent of Africa were and remain unduly okay. How often do we find our military supporting rebel factions within another country? Muammar Gaddafi and his government were being toppled at the exact same time that the Muslim Brotherhood was taking on positions within the government of Egypt. It does deserve mention to note that in 2009 President Barack Obama used a portion of the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act, which was an amendment to the earlier United States Refugee Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-212) with respect to the humanitarian needs of the people occupying the Gaza strip, actually using $20.3 taxpayer funds.

We all feel the need of a great deal of privacy. Our founding fathers wrote a great deal about this topic which we can easily find in the 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendments to the Constitution. However to have an agency operating under the executive branch to have a

Who Could Believe this person?

Who Could Believe this person?

different (special) court handling its right or wrong doing is indeed questionable. Moreover, to bug the citizenry through their telephones and other online technology needs more than a separate and special court. Now there was indeed a person who worked inside of these operation agencies named Edward Snowden who now resides in another country. What did he know? What do we need to know?

Lastly all of these briefly touched on occurrences happened within the last three years out of six years. My prayer tonight is please don’t have Barack Obama leave his vacation surroundings to sign an executive order granting amnesty to 11.4 million individuals who broke our rule of law by coming to this Nation.


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