Ut Oh! It is Eric Holder going to Ferguson, MO.

holder in contemptWell there can be no doubt about it now — US Attorney General aka Eric Holder has made it to Ferguson, MO. Not that I give a hoot about the wannabe real lawyer, cum wannabe appointed to the US Supreme Court, believe me, plans are already in the works, my biggest doubt is that he will try and use this particular case to his advantage.

And please try and remember how the agenda works anywhere within the Obama administration. We as an educated public know the validity and reliability of the Grand Jury system; moreover, the judicial system. Validity as I am sure you remember is that aspect of anything that brings it as useable or acceptable, can it be justified, reasonable, and most of all is it effective and logical. Whereas on the other end we have  reliability.  Reliability is what brings dependability; is the measurement dependable? Is the measurement able to be trusted as true and expected; and is the measurement logical and accurate.

In essence then is what is being measured consistent, steadfast, trustworthy, and dependable. These are the precepts we use to understand reliability. Then again soundness, authority, legitimacy, with strength and legal power are words that may be used for validity. When one delves into the world of journalism any fact or idea brought to any article must answer, is this information consistent, trustworthy, and dependable? Furthermore, does the article contain authority, legitimacy, and soundness?  

These are the exact two monitors that professors use anytime the Internet is cited as a source. Does the source possess authority, steadfastly, and is it dependable. If so we need to ask is it consistent, trustworthy, and is it acceptable.

scalesOur greatest concern and what guides us to the most prayer is that we hope all parties concerned with this sorrowful situation do the right things with all those concerned. Furthermore,  we seek the validity within the Grand Jury; ultimately, it has become our hope that any and all corruption, and dastardly deeds  so often used in the Nation’s Capital will not be able to be so readily used.

Imagine if you will that the president believes it will be of great  value to send someone already cited for Contempt of Congress and retains perhaps the worst civil rights record known to humankind. All one need to do is remember the private school teacher who defied her immediate management and filed a law suit with the Department of Justice. Or if one has the time just look at what fines the Western Division of Philadelphia Public Schools has been forced to pay as punitive damages.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the members of Ferguson, MO., especially those who have suffered at the hands of those who are not members. Following this case as best as we possibly can we still wonder why so many “mujahedeen” people from different communities, states, and nations have even been allowed to participate. Mind you they are the ones with the guns.

Please believe us when we allege that this is going to be a long process. As well it should be. Anything that deals with validity c_illegalalienslawlicenses1 and reliability so acutely needs to be fair, level headed, and the results may not be as we suspect they should be. For example, the Grand Jury in this case does not even seek to be done before October 2014, and that friends is if all goes well.

When a member of law enforcement actually sees the situation wherein they may have to pull their service firearm, what are they trained to do? That’s right — fire until empty. As long as that is a law on the books in Missouri, it will be doubtful that a charge of excessive force could be used for an indictment. Same for trying to get at  law enforcement’s firearm. Same for hard fracturing of the orb wherein the eye sits. We could go on and on about both parties, even if one of them has lost his life.

Keep together as a fabric knit because we are all going through this together! And I have no (zero) tolerance for law enforcement officials who misuse their authority with important evidence; moreover, to selectively state, “I had the videotape…and I ended up turning it over when I felt like it…” As for me there is a lot of crimes committed by that police department.

Therefore, let us all keep level headed and seek closure to this unfortunate incident. Yet, for some reasons I do not trust completely the city officials there in Ferguson, MO.



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