A Completely Different Look…

A Completely Different Look…

Hannibal with his elephants

Hannibal with his elephants

About a hundred people turned out at a rally in a St. Louis neighborhood today to voice their “unwavering support” of Darren Wilson, the police officer who fatally shot an unarmed teen in Ferguson, Mo., two weeks ago.

The speakers and many in the crowd at the cookout-style event — complete with a classic rock soundtrack — in the parking lot of Barney’s Sports Pub, about 30 minutes’ drive from Ferguson, not only voiced their support of Wilson but also anger at media coverage of the shooting and its aftermath.

The killing of Michael Brown sparked protests in Ferguson that were often peaceful but sometimes turned into angry or violent confrontations with police. The St. Louis suburb was also racked by looting, leading to the state Highway Patrol being given authority there and the National Guard being called out to try to maintain order.

Tensions seemed to ease some this week, however, and after several peaceful nights the National Guard was ordered to leave the city.

Many of the attendees at the rally today were clad in blue T-shirts with a white police shield reading “Officer Darren Wilson — I Stand By You — 8-9-14.” Several said they were relatives of people in law enforcement, and there were some uniformed police officers also in attendance, but they remained inside the bar.

“Now as far as civilized and peaceful protesting is concerned, this is the way it should happen,” says William “Bill” Blakely from Annapolis, Maryland.  “We of course want justice to prevail in this case, however, both sides need to be heard and that without rancor or threatening remarks from the police or passersby.

“Knowing that there is a seated grand jury listening to experts about evidence as well as eye witnesses, this should be a time images (10) - Copywhen the people of the entire area take complete control of the mainstream media.”

As long as the individuals within the immediate area understand that no member of the mainstream-media would write something without a source to back up their claim.

“This is when level heads prevail,” remarks Blakely. This is real reputation building times. People are indeed watching and with good and conscience  behavior towns in the past have remarkably improved. One needs to understand that to bring about “justice” takes time. And is critical as it is, most of us want instant justice just as we do just about everything else in instant-life.

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