There is and will always be Consequences of War

There is and will always be Consequences of War

020806-F-7823A-004The U.S. has begun surveillance flights over Syria after President Barack Obama gave the OK, U.S. officials said, a move that could pave the way for airstrikes against Islamic State militant targets there. Seriously now, the big news is that Barack Obama has taken it upon himself to accommodate military reconnaissance as he has prior to this action.

When the very, very first Articles of Impeachment were in the process of being drawn up it was for this identical reason. Sure we have a temporary means called aptly, The War Powers Act that will allow him to begin making appropriations against the ISSI soldier placements as well as command headquarters, and communications devices, surface to air missiles whilst at the same time photographing the same in Syria. While the White House says Obama has not approved military action inside Syria, additional intelligence on the militants would likely be necessary before he could take that step. Pentagon officials have been drafting potential options for the president, including airstrikes.

This is the precise point where r-e-a-l Americans should stop at least one thing they do per week, surrender it, and take the allotted amount of time and should — for the sake of knowledge (and being right at Happy Hour = $$) and study the U.S. Constitution and other great documents written by individuals that lend their power to the law.

However, even against the advice of Wikipedia and the notion of not having a precise law passed, it is still quite beneficial to look at the precursors to it as they stand now. The War Powers Act of 1941, also known as the First War Powers Act, was an American emergency law that increased Federal power during World War II. The act was signed by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and put into law on December 18, 1941, less than two weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The act was similar to the Departmental Reorganization Act of 1917 as it was signed shortly before the U.S. engaged in a large war and increased the powers of the president’s U.S. Executive Branch.

The act gave the President enormous authority to execute World War II in an efficient manner. The president was libya-a_2340247bauthorized to reorganize the executive branch, independent government agencies, and government corporations for the war cause. With the act, the President was allowed to censor mail and other forms of communication between the United States and foreign countries. The act and all changes created by its power were to remain intact until six months after the end of the war at which time, the act would become defunct.

It is of the utmost importance that every diplomat, dignitary, statesman, politician, and for everyone involved in performing Civil Service should be active and willing parts to do what is possible to assist your government — and that, with responsibility.

We all know far too well that President Obama is not in the process of developing a strategy for war. Furthermore, the very worst thing that could happen to us as well as our country is to stand idly while people from the U.S. government over coffee in the morning discussing battle and war plans.

Actually this has happened before in American history; consequently, more than 58,000 men, women, and 0thers were killed heinously and well over 250,000 persons suffered egregious wounds. The executive branch of government was not designed to run wars. That is why we have a Department of Defense, Defense Intelligence Agencies, and our proud standing guard — our men and women in uniform.



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