Be Aware of the Media…

Be Aware of the Media…

I cannot speak for anyone except myself, and those that would ask me too; however, let’s take a moment here today and just run a narrative or a talking points memorandum about where in the last six years we have seen an onslaught of mainstream media, then again where in that same time period when we wish that the media could have a portion of their 1st Amendment rights revoked.

We find that the actual reporting in this country is carrying explosive elements with it. Furthermore, without proper editing,Gulf_War_Photobox21 story involvement, and plain believability – it is during these times when one must keep in touch with their sources to the point of gaining any and all information accommodated for them.

This is the time when news people get all kinds of accolades, bonuses, and interim gain within their given service, albeit, newspapers, cable television, big network news, and it feels pretty good seeing that at least a few of us are getting their just adieu within the national circuit.

Career’s can be made in these circumstances. And given the press as we have seen them appear lately, is about as far away from award winning as any organization can get. So I will start it off for our Talking Points Memorandum.

With regards to ISSI or ISSL or what have you, the following items have worked my skin into leather.

  1. The amount of coverage given to some Americans who have left their homes and have gone on to fight for ISSL.

 Who really cares? Seriously, this is about as important as any other idiosyncrasy that occurs during war times. Let us not forget that at the beginning of Desert Shield and three months later during Desert Storm there were untold numbers of war protestors that didn’t get the duty they wanted. Some, but to be clear most of the people that go abroad during a war is for some ridiculous as in protecting heritage sites as well as the human shield madness that happens.

But believe me, you my friends, the reality of the story is that we live during a very chicken-stuff, “let’s-hide-the-bomb-and-run,” we live in a world where people have sacrificed themselves and loads of C4 explosives for some profit and unfortunately our current enemies have different plans for it as I type.

  1. I would not be having the same unsettled feelings say if the mainstream BIGS, WAPO, WSJ, NYT, and on and on gave the same coverage to Benghazi Libya, the Internal Revenue Service, and anything to keep President Obama within the law.

    Why take the time to transfix a Nation to doom when other aspects of that Nation have these kinds of problems? Sure I remain with resolve and resilience when it comes to people casing high traffic areas, all downtown areas, and especially what is going on around my house. All Americans should be obliged to do the same.

  2. Please do not misunderstand me; this is the kind of time(s) that could completely turn around Ferguson, Missouri. Oh 120253-1440x900-godblessamerica2_lgyeah, civic service beyond what you thought you would be doing; moreover, working within a group of people that are somehow different than you are.
  3. It is the solemn duty of the news-gatherer’s out in our Nation to present a fair, true, and responsible press to the people. I do not mind hearing it – all I ask is to use civility when reporting.


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