Unity the United States and the Founding Fathers

Unity the United States and the Founding Fathers

ffqf“Yesterday, and today, yes and forever, unchanging” remains one of my favorite quotes from the Bible. Please believe me that although I will gladly assign this particular quote to Hebrews 13:8 NASB there are several other places written by different authors that say just about identically the same thing.
We all want to remember that this as well as many different passages of Scripture to be stated in one book may have endured hundreds of years, yet still unknown when stated by that book’s date. Examples of this very idea are classically documented when one looks at the history of the Bible.

Although Paul the Apostle wrote about 66-67 percent of the New Testament it would not take a lot of effort for him to look at earlier writings by different authors; however, if we were to look at Solomon’s collection of Proverbs there is no way that he would even begin to speculate on writings of the New Testament.

Therefore, it becomes very easy for a person to begin in understanding the Scriptures, especially when they are aligned with other significant times, events, and other people in terms of thousands of years.

Having stated that I am reminded of the recent sacking of the culture near what was then referred to as Mesopotamia and the chasing, fighting, and retreating of those who lived in that region ran for cover up into a mountain. This brings to mind a couple of issues; one, it is when the USA began humanitarian efforts to those people and two, the USA began a mountain attack by way of missiles and bombs delivered by aircraft.

The most important message that I received from that event is that where these people had rushed too was none other than founderswhere modern day scientists believe the Arc docked after its journey on the high seas and rainy days. Being Friday, it also gives me the opportunity to revisit the “American Idea” which members of this nation have fought for, died for, and unfortunately became inescapably wounded by. 

Unity is defined as the condition of being one; combination of separate things to form one; something whole — by joining separate entities and parts. What qualities unity lends to any situation is harmony as it relates to opinion, interest, and feeling; There are several words that one could use in an attempt to explain unity such as agreement, accord, unison, union, concord, and of course, united.

All too often we can tell the stories about how the American Revolution was a difficult and more than often a desperate struggle. Yet knowing all of the names of Battles, Presidents, members of that Founding Generation, and in particular who those 55 men at Philadelphia were; moreover, the mission that they had dedicated their lives to — the American Idea.

Writing about or discussing this particular time in history has been an inspiration for me above all else. I too often think about what were they thinking? What were they doing? Seriously these thirteen colonies went up against the eras ultimate war power — The Commonwealth of England — that by that time literally owned or had a revered presence in almost every country on earth. Just seeing the Naval ships off the East coast caused many of our loyal and united troops running. Yet how many of us go on telling the stories, with little knowledge of asking “What if…”

All one need to do is look at and read The Declaration of Independence which for any political persuasion remains the defining statement of the American Idea and the unequivocal statement of human liberty. America has survived many great trials, and it has prospered and endured. We collectively at The Contemplative Thinker believe that America is once again at those daunting crossroads. However, we also believe that America will come out bloodied yet surviving, prospering, and continue to be the America that we all once have either known or aspire to know.

This of course depends — as it did in the Spring of 1776, the autumn of 1860, and at the near end of 1941 — on how we act to shape the future course of events.

imagesCAJK81ZEOn the surface, the problem seems obvious: Our current president treats the rule of law like it is the rule of thumb. But when one looks deeper into the problem, as sure as anything the answer will show that it is not just this president — but at least several other presidents. When one leaves office, there will be plenty of politicians just like him, ready to take over.

Indeed all he’s done this side of lying, fabricating tales, lean on others to convey his ineptitude, and literally done nothing as far as strategy for battle, and keeping the American people as well as those in other nations completely uncertain about our own futures.

The single biggest error that this president has done is continue to empower a certain governing principle — a governing principle that is at odds with our Founding principles.

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