Facing political correctness at extreme failure…

divider in chiefAs for me and my crew, we believe that the biggest and single most important problem that faces America right now is what we refer to as the primary results of political correctness. To be as open as possible we have been seeing the many obstacles that have been confronting us as a Nation. Now the obstacles that we have witnessed — it would be easy to flog  out the problems — and assign blame to any number of recipients.

Certainly many of us and statistically, most of the country are disinterested with the current administration and as such are already tending to the lists of “High crimes and Misdemeanors” to appeal and/or allege when a new congress is voted in. However, in the interim the constant waling whilst at the same time drawing attention to what is being wailed about is not helping anyone get over anything.

I have written that America as we know it has faced critical problems before. And when we bring critical into focus it just about amounts to a not so tidy…The end. Any time that a government intervenes in the health, wealth, safety, and especially the rights of its citizenry then there is going to be a big problem.

And to think of the notion of self-government must be flying past the ruling elite faster than I can write. What is it about AmericaImpeach the bastard that one would give up their very lives for? This question, by the way, is what every potential military person should be asking themselves before making the decision to “toss it all in the wind” and go enlist.

“Greater love has no more than this…that one would lay down his life for a friend…” John 15:13 NASB. Would you give your life up completely for a friend? So how does one imply this piece of Scripture to a Nation? The easiest way possible I could think would be to look at your Nation as if it were your friend. When in all actuality this should be easy insofar as one’s Nation-friend is not intentionally going to hurt you or conspire anything against you.

Wanting to be far more the advocate let me suggest to you where is it that most of your friends live? Moreover, America is a very, very special place. For so many reasons, ideals, notions, and above all, the rule of law; subsequently, it is incumbent for all of us living in this Nation to have a rather thorough mind as we look at the Founder’s precepts and notions whilst they were putting together the U.S. Constitution.

Please be aware of the fact that had the Bill of Rights been passed over then our Constitution would never have survived! Therefore, in order to not to cheat, or somehow dismiss the thirteen original colonies, or in other words, allow the government to come in and just do it — the sitting legislators of these colonies made certain provisions about including the Bill of Rights — into the U.S. Constitution as a pledge to receive ratification votes.

dec1At this point in their proceedings advocacy groups, political parties, writers, statesman, and of course the ladies that were with them started your basic anti-corruption campaign that is very easily seen in the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We rigidly believe that what the Founding generation had in mind, action, and reality was a government based on self-governance by the people. Unfortunately we seem to have more than enough to show what we are living in is completely different. Therefore, we will be examining such issues as civil rights, individual rights, representation, civic responsibility, unity, and how America in the past has dealt with critical obstacles.


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