Dozens of Christians arrested at a prayer meeting in Saudi Arabia

rotunda-capitol-7-1-11At the risk of sounding rude I openly state that what is happening in the Middle East and Northern Africa regarding what little civil rights that are being tolerated is sickening. These nations bearing the theology of Islam are surely incompatible with humans from the West or those who simply want to worship God.

Some of the article below became available to me through and Benjamin Weinthal, an inside member of The Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

As for us here at The Contemplative Thinker, we are entirely in disbelief. For those of you readers who are not aware of the antidiscrimination law suits being initiated upon just about every major school district in America; still worse, is the amount of preferential treatment given to these people of different faith and beliefs by the United States Department of Justice all the while working with CAIR a special interest and advocacy group for Muslims.

“Such actions are especially dangerous in the current situation, where the world is seeing the rise of extreme Islamist groups in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Somalia and elsewhere,” Shea said. “The West should demand that its strategic ally, Saudi Arabia, release the Christians at once and allow them to pray according to their own faith traditions. Otherwise, Riyadh will appear to be validating the practices of the Islamic State in northern Iraq and Syria.”

Dozens of Christians arrested at a prayer meeting in Saudi Arabia need America’s help, according to a key lawmaker who islighted cross pressing the State Department on their behalf.

Some 28 people were rounded up Friday by hardline Islamists from the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in the home of an Indian national in the eastern Saudi city of Khafji, and their current situation is unknown, according to human rights advocates.

“Saudi Arabia is continuing the religious cleansing that has always been its official policy,” Nina Shea, director of the Washington-based Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom, told “It is the only nation state in the world with the official policy of banning all churches. This is enforced even though there are over 2 million Christian foreign workers in that country. Those victimized are typically poor, from Asian and African countries with weak governments.”

Think about it...

Think about it…

In Friday’s crackdown, several Bibles were confiscated, according to reports from the Kingdom.

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-VA, told he will press the U.S. ambassador in Riyadh and the State Department to assist the arrested Christians.

“I hope our government will speak up,” said Wolf, adding that the anti-Christian raid was not surprising given that the Saudi regime “did not want our soldiers to wear crosses during the Desert Storm” operation in 1991 to stop Iraqi jingoism.

The English-language paper Saudi Gazette, along with Saudi Arabic-language news outlets, published a news item about the mass arrests.

An article posted on the Arabic-language news website Akhbar 24 said the arrests came after the Kingdom’s religious police got a tip about a home-based church. The report further noted that “distorted writings of the Bible were found and musical instruments, noting their referral to the jurisdictional institutions.”

The Saudi media reported different compositions of the arrested Christians. Some reports said the Christians were men and women, while the Saudi Gazette wrote that children, as well as men and women, were detained. It was unclear if a court date has been set in the notoriously opaque fundamentalist court system.

Saudi Arabia has gone to great lengths over the years to re-brand its image as a tolerant advocate of multi-religious dialogue.Libby Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah appears to be tied up in knots because of his conflicting messages to the international community about religious diversity.

Two issues come to mind immediately. One of the first part, what are the Saudi Royals and Saudi people doing by living these conflicting messages? And two, of the second part, are we reading and writing or trying to do something that will illustrate to these people that barbarism was from a different century? Do we have the kind of governmental leadership that will stop this rubbish from happening again? Or are we supposed to let this incident continue throughout the world.


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6 Responses to Dozens of Christians arrested at a prayer meeting in Saudi Arabia

  1. Americans should ask themselves why the Saudis don’t just deal with the ISIS or ISIL problem. If the Caliphate was to spread into Saudi Arabia what would that mean for the average Saudi Arabian citizen? Taqiya in my view has been used to soothe the Americans who want to believe it is okay to buy Saudi oil, instead of keeping our own oil. Otherwise, the human rights abuses would not have been kept quiet. There can’t be two rulers in the Caliphate. Either it is the King or Al-Bagdahdi. Lots of beheadings vs. the regular amount! Muslims always must force people to be Muslims. Otherwise they would not be. That is my opinion. I would like to trade the Muslims in America for the Christians in the Middle East.


    • Jon-Paul says:


      You bring to the forefront what, I think, a lot of Americans would rather have and do. Seriously I’ve been asking myself this question for years now: If there is in fact an ISIS why wouldn’t Assad from Syria be just a bit more riled? Furthermore, today I heard that the Syrian rebels and Kurds have enough small arms destructive power i.e., Rocket Propelled Grenades, M-16’s, AK 47’s, Mortars, and what they want from us is the BIG BOY weapons. Goodness gracious! We’ve all got to admit that as soon as they received their first shipment, it would come down to this. Obama is a madman!


  2. The King can use the Islamic practice of Taqiya to lie about being tolerant while being intolerant.


  3. thomlucci says:

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  4. thomlucci says:

    Since Barry Soetoro, who calls himself Barack Obama, is a devout Muslim, I doubt he will so much as lift a finger to help the Christians in Saudi Arabia. The persecution of Christians both in the Middle East and even in our own country is 1) the continuance of the persecution that began during the time of Christ, and 2) is foretold in the book of Revelations. I believe we are in the End Times. One thing, though—you don’t hear us whining about it like the Jews whine about their persecution. Hmmm…I wonder why that is. Maybe it’s the same reason why the Jews allowed themselves to be herded like sheep during 1933-1945 and made no effort to fight back. All they do is whine and plead for sympathy.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      When I was a kid growing up in Southern California, there was massive prejudice against jews! Mind you we were constantly doing “Duck and Cover” activities in our classrooms. Mission: Watch Out! For you local Commies.


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