How to Save the U.S.A.

How to save the U.S.A.

afac_Map_largerDuring the Reagan administration many folks were absurdly happy when General Alexander Haig was appointed as Secretary of State. The Reagan administration believed that one way to deter an enemy force from invading one’s nation was to make the point to-the-entire-world that a grandiose defense kept a nation’s enemies at bay.

Good critical thinking aligned that a solid defense could break lesser equipped offensive nations. This statement should come as no surprise to anyone when as soon as General Haig was appointed one of the first phrases he muttered was, “What this Nation needs is a war it can get into and win.” Therefore we welcome in Grenada and the military action against some Cuban personnel who as it was alleged were training for combat with none other than Western Africa.

What our current inept Obama administration does not realize is that General’s have been in position for more years than the president could possibly imagine. The average time one would serve to be promoted from Coronel to Brigadier General would be approximately 22 to 30 years of service.

General officers are nominated for promotion by the President of the United States, and confirmed by the Senate. You can’t get more “political” than that. Unfortunately for some generals involved in the Iraq War and then again the War of Afghanistan are no longer in service, primarily based on the current administrations behest. What we do know is that several, at least seven General officers were forced into retirement.

There seems to be a significant talking point concerning the Obama administration and public talk radio programs. It appearscArtel killings that most of the call in visitors are asking the host or hostesses of these programs how sure and how convinced is Obama about the new strategy as well as his precursory remarks of comparing ISIS or Islamic state with team members playing Junior Varsity, as well as what nation’s he has aligned as part of a coalition.

As for us here at The Contemplative Thinker based on reports and empirical evidence, Obama’s greatest mistake is creating hostilities within a unit of the military. Yes, most of us refer to it as dissention. A couple of issues inspired by Obama’s administration and has been swept through the Congress.

According to the model and management style that was left by President Ronald Reagan and his immediate successor, President George H.W. Bush, the Elder, and pretty much maintained by William Clinton with the exception that Clinton played an extraordinary role in reducing the military budget year in and year out. So after an eight year stint doing the opposite President Bush, the Younger illuminated the entire strong defense notion and quite openly we had happy soldiers with less incidents.

syrian-officials-downHowever, measuring far worse on the truly blown it scale has been in the ideology of implementing a government strategy — again one just about opposite of the original Founders devised and put into place. Unfortunately for many in our Nation is that this new government philosophy set forth by the Obama administration has disregarded our economic standing, the reliability factor, the validity factor, and above all else is National trust; wherein, does the citizenry of the U.S. trust Obama, but moreover, how does the world feel about RioObama’s Trust factor?

I am beholden to write that the governing philosophy instituted by this crew — or the opponents — is its mainstream fight against conservatism. In everything we do as a Nation — every policy proposed, and government as usual — must renew the “American Idea.” Please everyone take note here: Conservatism in our Nation is not about the past. Further it is not a misty-eyed nostalgia for a world that has come and gone. And forget the idea that it is one of those “take it slow” skittish dispositions.

American conservatism is about taking attribution and accountability — it is not about taking a blind opposition to government. For certain, government today is too big, bureaucratic, inefficient, and totally unaccountable for its ridiculous actions. We must never forget that the rule of law was put into place to preserve our liberties.

American conservatism is about conserving something — principles that are timeless because they are true — and should be renewed and applied in our time. Anything less is a travesty, which also means someone is getting away with something.


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